New GPU on the cheap

My Palit 9800GT has been my faithful comanion for nearly 5 years now, but it looks like it's nearing the end of the road. As you know, a much anticipated game was released recently (Crysis 3), and DX11 proved to be too high of a hurdle for the old horse to jump over and as much as it pains me, i'll be sending it to the glue factory shortly.

So the question at hand is - what are my options in the market for $80? 

Being an unemployed university student from Europe doesnt help at all.

I guess I need something cheap to help me push through a few more years. The spending limit might be increased if i manage to sell my current GPU for $30-40. I dont even know if that's a reasonable asking price for an old card like this. 

I have no intention to upgrade this system any further than the GPU, since i'd have to replace everything in the case if i was serious about improving.


If you can sell the old card, the 7770 would be your best bet.

I just got a gtx 470 off of ebay for $100, i've seen gtx 460/465s go for $75-100 so if you don't mind slightly used stuff check that out. 

Ill give you an AC3 code for it :P ?

Look into Fermi 400 series GPU's, scoring a 470 or the beastly 480 would be fantastic for that price, if not, maybe a 6870/ 5870.