'New' gpu for my dad's pc

Hey guys,

The GPU in my dad's pc is at the end of his lifetime it seems. Graphical glitches everywhere, crashes, ... all that good stuff.

I tried downclocking, reïnstalling the games, different drives,... It no use. So he wants to buy a new one. The techie he is, he read something about the GTX Titan in some magazine and tried to convince me to order that one for him. :')

Some extra info:

  • current gpu -> hd4870
  • cpu-> AMD Athlon 7850 dual core @ 2.8Ghz
  • mem -> 4gb I think.
  • mobo -> ga-ma770-ds3
  • 400W corsair (CX400W)
  • games he plays (95% of the time CIV 5, some Anno and Farming Simulator I bought him.)
Can you guys recommend me something?

PS: No GTX Titan. :p


HD 7870? Can you give us more specifics, like budget, and the exact cpu?

780. It's like the Titan ;)

full computer specs, post a CPUz validation

honestly a 7950 (really cheap now)


and maybe a new CPU platform

new case and cooling solution to make it quieter

titan for civ V and farm simulator, come on overkill much

giv us a budget and a country

Yeah and its $350 cheaper depending on the model 

doesn't sound like a very demanding workload, i'm sure if you just slap in a 7770 he'll be happy

If he is a dad of all dads... Go with the Titan or 7990.
I mean if he just wants something that can go through the ages those things are beasts...
The 6990 I just recently acquired for a 100 bucks can handle all the games the 7950 I bought for 300... THAT and as mentioned above the 7990 is reduced to 700 bucks!!!!! this thing is two 7950 chips fused on one card...
I mention the AMD cards more cuz I fold when I am not at my computer... Nothing like making 100-200 bucks in bitcoins per month on the side...
While the Titan gives you a penny... (Exaggeration but not far from...) 

Without knowing more I would say 7770

Look at the  sort of games his dad plays.. and look at the rest of the spec of the rest of the current machine.

just adding a drop in current gen card above a 7770 would make the machine extremely unballanced with most likely not much actual real world performance gains over the existing card.

What is the motherboard?

Well if he has an old CPU and a low power PSU, there is not many big gaming GPU's to suggest. A 400W PSU might power something like a GT640 or HD6670. The processor might bottleneck the GPU too. So keep those in mind.

If your dad does business, go for an AMD Firepro or NVIDIA Quadro card. Any.

It wasn't a serious suggestion, but no one should be buying the Titan for gaming, whilst the 780 on the market.

I think he's almost at the point of a new computer, considering he wanted a titan, I think he most likely has the money for a$800 build.

650ti boost is quite adequate

if you're feeling spendy the highest i can honestly reccommend is a gtx 760

Hey guys, updated the CPU info. It's pretty old but good enough for the games he plays I think.
Sorry for the delay, it's my birthday, busy day. ^^

We are definitly not looking for a new build, just a graphics card that wouldn't be overkill based on the cpu/psu/... :)

Budget, uhm, let's say <€200 (We're from Belgium)

Thanks for the comments so far!

 edit: Also added the motherboard.

HD 7790 or GTX 650 Ti based on the old GPU that is giving out and the games he plays within the remaining scheme of parts.

Those two options will give better better performance than the HD 4870 with a much lower cost and half the wattage draw of the original HD 4870.

sorry my expertise are in newegg outside of that I'm no good

Thanks for the comments guys!

The shop I will most likely be buying the cards from is http://www.power4pc.be (It's in English)
It has these prices for some of the cards suggested(cheapest manufacturer):

  • hd7770 - €96,49
  • hd7790 - €111,74
  • hd7850 - €138,55
  • gtx 650 - €91,16
  • gtx 650 ti - €114,63

Tbh, I think that anything heavier will be overkill and that the cpu will bottleneck it (tell me if I'm wrong please).