New GPU For Long Life/Performance?

Hello, i recently built a new computer from scratch and i have everything I need except for a new GPU, i am currently using an Nvidia GT 520, it works, but it's not great. I am looking for a GPU that will last long, in terms of actually physically working, and not having to RMA, i am aware technology updates quickly, so there is no real future proof GPU, but i am looking for something high quality that will last for a while. My goal is to spend under 300$, because since i am only using a 1080p monitor, i only need something can display on that with high detail at 60fps, so no point in buying something like a 780. Something that caught my eye was the Asus r9 280 (non x)

I am content with the price and would buy it, but i would like to know if anyone has had it for a while or knows any information about it artifacting/ not working. I did not want to get the 280x because of several reviews of BSOD and flickering/artifacts. Something that I also was interested in was the gtx 770

, as i am aware these cards are of high quality because there aren't really any complaints, although they are priced much higher. What do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated!

My Specs Are:

CPU: i7 2600
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600w
GPU: GT 520

get that r9 280 a 280x or a good 770 in the 300-310 range like this one. All will do the job quite nicely.

What I am really asking is if it is worth spending 100$ more on a 770 or to get an r9 280.


Yes to the 770?

the 770 is the better performing card but is it worth the 100 extra dollars not really. if you can get a huge overclock on the 280 it will do its justice on all games on ultra for cheaper. If you really can afford the GTX 770 go for it,  if you want the best for the money the 280 will stand on its two feet especially with an overclock and also with Mantle with the 40+ games coming for it at the end of the year and next year.

The 280 will keep up, but it isn't quite as fast.

With the Sapphire Dual-X and the ASUS DirectCU jumping around from $210 to $230 it's hard to beat the 280. Newegg has a sale every other week on these two, I'd wait until then. As far as reliability is concerned, I'd go with either. AMD uses Sapphire cards, but ASUS is no slouch either. Hit the googles and check out temperature benchmarks.