New GPU for Linux

I'm building a new dedicated linux machine and woundering what gpu has the best cooperation with linux in terms of drivers. I plan on running 3 monitors 1080p at 60 fps. I'm not doing anything graphically instense just web browsing and programming. thx

nvidia wins for now. Their drivers are way better....a 550ti beats an r9 290 in bioshock infinite. I am crying despair as I sold my 2 gtx 760 for a r9 290x.

@Lafreux are the NVIDIA drivers good for linux

yes their proprietary drivers are good

@Lafreux I don't need games I just need it to power 3 displays

Well then you should not have problems with Nvidia or AMD. They will both allow you to do 3 screens.

Which one has the best open source drivers @Lafreux

AMD has the best open source drivers.

Nvidia had the best Proprietary drivers

AMD has the best open source drivers.

Nvidia had the best Proprietary drivers

This pretty much sums it up!

NVIDIA owns for now because they have the most support of current and new generation display managers.. Though Once AMD unifies there driver base.. then we may see something different..
AMD's problem is merging the Gallium driver(open) and the Catalyst Driver (closed) into the same module but after that things may get far better than Nvidia's.. Choose what you want in the end.. what suits your needs

I am really curious about that...I really hope the end results are as impressive as they sounds...I would love to see some well done unified drivers in Linux

Considering I can point 5 credible articles showing it does and in MY OWN experience it works fine with Gnome On wayland :P I have proof...
Quote from phorinx
"So coming out soon with the NVIDIA 346.xx Linux driver series we can find EGL working without X11, but the KMS support remains a work-in-progress and this driver series will not work with Wayland/Mir. NVIDIA will be publishing their Weston patches to show things work if using EGLDevice, EGLOutput, and EGLStreams as more generalized approaches for supporting Wayland than the Mesa-specific code. However support is fairly stable in the beta drivers if one is daring enough to try them out"

"Quote from AMD EMAIL"
" AMD Catalyst support for Mir/Wayland won't come until we unifiy Catalyst with our new open-source driver. Then the two AMD drivers will be using AMDGPU KMS/DRM driver and Wayland/Mir should work with the Catalyst user-space blob as long as it has the necessary EGL extensions. That being said we are having quite a few issues merging the drivers into one kernel module. You may follow our mailing list where we openly speak about our issues and the status of our development with these new drivers......"
this is all of the part of the email which you need to realize where you are wrong.. Thanks for contesting.. I should have proven what I said but obviously there are people out there so desperate to prove people wrong.
Oh and
Thanks for proving my point. They want to unify the base thanks for proving it. :P and I have actually emailed AMD about this and they were glad to openly speak about it so if you would like to argue it go take it up with them and not me.

If you would like to contest this further please do so maturely and do not flood his post by PMing me.. thank you

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So what your saying is if the support isnt perfect there is no support at all.. Way to be close minded.. Also

True but nonetheless they want to merge it all together under one code base which unifies their driver. I will accept I was wrong with Gallium but so be it the rest of my stuff is actually proven correct and I can prove it both with my own experiences and documentation.. and so what maybe we are both wrong but if we can come to a consensus we can help others with helpful information.. and other credible websites that provide it not just us

Well obviously you are going in a circle saying the same thing to try and get some credibility because i said it first. So I do not know what you would call it bullshit. Sure ramble on I was wrong about gallium versus DRM.. but they are still merging it all into one KMS so API's can use it universally allowing for good wayland support in the future

I know because I have been told directly from the source. I have also experienced stuff first hand and have written code that is based on such API's so yeah contest that if you want :P. I have seen stuff that works.. so no im not on drugs either about nvidia

Maybe if you werent such a jerk about it all I wouldnt shit on you... Forum Jerk.. .. Ill admit im wrong about gallium but starting out with phrases such as are you on drugs or BULLSHIT.. is not an educated way to contest any statement. not to mention quote another place that I have unfairly shat on someone.. Lets see what your trully complaining about :P

I say its immature because so what if I am wrong.. you should correct that one spot and acknowledge also where I have indeed pointed out you are wrong.. Not to mention do you think the poor guy who started this thread just for a simple answer wants us devs to war it out.. No I do not think he wants that because it probably does not mean much to him when he is just trying to choose a GPU

Also Nvidia does own. Have you not seen the recent OpenGL tests.. maybe you should take a look .. There OGL 4.0 driver completely destroys AMD's in tests.. (the one released after january 2015)

This whole argument is a complete mess.. I am not trying to mess with you in anyway.. All I am saying is your directly attacking me for no clear reason and I was happy to admit I was wrong. I also was convinced I am right on something by some very reliable sources.

Im complaining about the fact that you out right accused me of being on drugs. I feel that was personally uncalled for.

So to end this and not add anymore fuel to the flame here.. I will conclude that yes I was wrong about DRM/KMS.. but it wasnt the point of the original post... and All i was doing was defending some of my statements with what I thought was reasonable.. Sorry if I offended you

Thank you.. yeah if it felt I was trying to say you were wrong constantley that wasnt the intent and im sorry for that as well.. it was only suppose to be a sane discussion that got out of hand.
Never the less to answer this guys question here.. both are fairly okay and just choose what meets your needs @baconlover102