New GPU for <350$

I Have been looking for a new gpu for a while and don't really know what to get. I am going to be using it with gaming.

Here's a great card for the money, falls under your budget. Just make sure your power supply can handle it and you have the correct slot on your motherboard and away you go

try to find a deal on the 7970 GHZ edition.  you can usually find those anywhere between 300 and 350 bucks.  Paralell suggested the 280x which is a good choice, but that's simply a rebranded 7970.  So if you can find a 7970 GHZ for the same price or cheaper, you'll be getting more bang for your buck.  

You could also consider the GTX 770.  It's ~$50 more expensive though.

I found a few:

what would you go with? I have a 800 watt psu

If it was me, I'd get the Gigabyte GTX 770, but that's purely because I personally prefer nVidia, I run multiple screens with PhysX titles, and the free games would be welcome. But then again, the EVGA card is great for a single monitor setup, as is the AMD card. If you're running 1080p, I'd probably go for the EVGA card.

i would go with the R9-280X reason cheaper then a GTX770, and it just performs better in most games. especialiy on higher resolutions because of its 3GB of vram.

The Msi R9-280X or the Asus R9-280X Dc2T is  great. but the sapphire toxic is the fastest clocked one.

Wait a couple months, save up $50 more, and buy an r9 290 non reference card.