New GPU engineering company?

Hey guys for anybody that has studied micro economics they will know Nvidia and AMD have a duopoly on the factor market for GPU manufacturing because they are the only sources to buy engineered plans for manufacturing GPUs. Less competition means that market prices will rise and production is less meaning less jobs. I would like to see another company enter the consumer GPU engineering market to drive prices down and force companies to increase R&D thus faster cards. Do you guys think this could ever happen or who might be the one to do it?

It's very unlikely to happen but if any company has enough money and man power to do it it would be Samsung, Intel might improve there existing gpu's and maybe make a dedicated one but unlikely

I would just like to see someone come out and make a card that looks good. Thus far, most of the GPU's on the market look terrible to me. Especially the Strix cooler. Whoever designed that needs to get fired.

I think Powercolor got it right:

I think AMD's firepro line is a good design. Very utilitarian, very minimalistic. Of course, some might disagree with me, i do agree that it is a little 'boring' perhaps...

Meh. I have a very specific idea in my head of what a GPU should look like. Might reply describing it tomorrow. Currently drunk and wanting to go to bed lol

i say we gather everyone from our glorious community and make a new gpu company, we can call it BFG v2
or or....Voodoo Syndicate :D


How about Advanced Oversized Devices... That was terrible


Some "new guy on the block" might actually be able to do it. Only thing is, they have to satisfy all of the criteria for a good GPU: price, speed, features, etc. for people to actually buy them.

  1. New guy on the block

  2. A fabrication plant

Choose one :P

Steam could maybe pull it off, or Samsung

Samsung could absolutely do it if they wanted, but no way Valve could afford to build a fabrication plant. Of course they could use someone else's factory, not sure how expensive the design/research is.

the funny thing about that specific cooler is that it looks almost identical to the Gigabyte 980ti Non-Reference Cooler lol

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Steam? Funny, no.

The technology that goes into making micro chips is enormously complex. A startup simply can't do it because the costs of getting genius people and technology is too great.

I only see existing companies diving into this. Samsung could enter the gpu market, as they already make their own nand flash and already have a lot of great talent

If Intel would get off their ass they'd probably be able to manufacture a discreet GPU.

Matrox could go for gaming GPUs, they produce some interesting stuff for professionals. Give them some love and in 10 to 30 years...
IBM and Samsung could go for it, however they do not need it. Samsung could stop producing smart phones and live from their heavy industry sector.

I think they are going to focus on mobile

Since the topic is revived, let me throw in the extremely short lived XGI.

XGI popped up in 2003 and released a small lineup of GPUs to compete directly with the GeForce 4/FX and Radeon 9000/800 series. Spoiler: they didn't. Needless to say by 2006 they were all out of money and the company was rolled back into it's parent company, SiS.

Qualcomm is in a good position since they purchased the Adreno (formerly Imageon) from ATI, and have some wiggle room on design and manufacturing. Don't think they care though.

So yes, while it is possible that another GPU company COULD pop up, the chances of them suddenly putting out top-scoring flagship GPUs is slim to none. If they have huge cash reserves and work their way up from budget to mainstream, then MAYBE in a few years they could be a third player in the GPU game.

Well, there is always this...,news-50780.html .

The only company I can see doing this would be Intel. If you look they already have some quality integrated graphics, but keep in mind AMD is starting to shift towards APUs and integrated graphics in the past few years. Then again AMD could change with the new Zen architecture. Anyways I can see Intel doing this, not only because of integrated graphics, but because of their Xeon Phi co-processors.

Intel's Xeon Phi co-processors are already competing with Nvidia's Tesla cards, as well as AMD's FirePro cards. They are in integrated graphics, so its easier to see them going into graphics before any other company really. Now as for Samsung, I just can't see them getting into dedicated graphics cards.