New GPU cooler?

I'm looking to buy one.

I need something cheap around like 40 bucks, Less would be better.

I have an XFX 8800 GS in my old comp and I want to replace the heatsink on it...

Ideas on a product?

lol, if it works and its as old as an 8800gs, why do you want to replace the cooler? just for fun? lol, but i would get a zalman cooler.

If it were me, I'd just wait until you scavenge up some extra dough and replace it with a 4850.

Zalman coolers rape if you're intent on buying A new cooler


Oh wait...

Seeing as how I have it just lying there I figured I would buy an aftermarket cooler and overclock the fucking balls out of it.

Telling me that Zalman coolers are good doesnt help, Link me!


btw darek

ATI = Fucking Fail