New GPU, can't do portrait eyeinfinity

Hi, I've done 3x1 portrait mode eyeinfinity on a ATI 6970 with 2 DVI + 1 mini Displayport option. This is like with windows 8.0 64 bit on ati 13.6 and 14.1 drivers i believe.


Now I upgraded to windows 8.1 and 14.4 drivers with a used 7970. I can't seem to do portrait mode eyeinfinitfy (3240x1920). Or more precisely no 3x1 portrait mode only 3x1 stacking (top and bottom) and 5760x1090 landscape mode. Please help. Reading a few other websites, seems like the option to change it is greyed out on CCC.

I was about to do 3240x1920 on windows but it only puts fullscreen on 1 of the 3 monitors. :(  also full screen tabs puts them in 1 monitor instead of 3. Please help going to reinstall drivers for the 3rd time.


Here's screenshot of where I'm suppose to change it, it's greyed out.

Have you tried to manually rotate the displays then set up the Eyefinity?

Yea I messed up somewhere with windows & ccc. Couldn't rotate after the first time. Kept having multi 1+2 and extended display issues working with it. Somehow I found out I wasn't the only one on the amd forum with the same problem.  It's something to do with 14.4.


Set my drivers back to 14.3 beta, and no issues with 3x monitor in portrait mode. So yea they still need to work something out with it.