New GPU came!

i finnaly got my 7790 i have to say im rarther excited!but does anyone know any deals at the moment on any good PSU?thanks sorry for posting so much about my buidl !

I don't know of any details, because you haven't be specific as to your location et cetera.

I can tell you that there are plenty of appropriately priced, good quality PSUs. Look at the XFX 550W Bronze+, that will allow you to upgrade to larger cards in the future.

yep the XFX 550 and the corsairCX500 are the go to cheaper end reasonable quality psu's

modular ones rock!

Great for people like me who are crap at cable management.

im in the uk !north west


Budget? We always need every bit of information that could help...

I think you're probably going to have to budget £50 for a good PSU. That is about the cost of the XFX, which has a good manufacturer (Seasonic). It is important to get a good supply, a bad one can degrade or fry your components.

yeah i was looking at £50 i have £20 at the moment

You can't go wrong with the Corsair CX series. They do modular versions too! Go check them out. I use dabs mainily, they have great prices and extremely reasonable shipping costs, you'll never pay over 99p. (I got a case and corsair CX PSU sent to me using th99p service, it came the next day at 9am o.O)

ok thanks



Seasonic is very well known for thier quality PSUs. They also do not usually skimp out on proper amperage on the 12v rails. This here PSU has 48A on a single rail so it can support just about any single GPU out there if not every single one. This specific model has 620W which is also more than enough for a single GPU system, and works nicely to future proof for future upgrades you may make.

Also it's currently on sale for $69.99 USD which translates to 45 pounds (if they sell for the same price to UK)

That's not how it works. In the UK we have more customs and tax charges. The GTX 780 still retails for near £600, and in the US it is $650.

That particular Seasonic costs over £60, near £70. It would be better to pick up a PSU like XFX, which has Seasonic as an OEM. XFX are much cheaper here.

yeah thanks berserker the xfx seems like very good bang for buck!