New GPU and Monitor

I'm thinking of buying a R295x and an LG 34UM67 (This Monitor)

Just wanted to know what you think. I'm a little nervous about moving to 21:9 and whether the GPU will drive games over the FPS FreeSync limit and I'll just be using V Sync.

My Uses -

Trading : - 90 % of my time on PC. LG 34UM67 will be the middle monitor.
TV and Gaming : - 10 % between trades. I play alot of Hearthstone, NS2 and Mount and Blade. I also play whatever is the latest flashy new game, just because I enjoy the graphics...

My present setup is a 50 inch LG 4K TV and 2 HP 23xi (IPS).

If you get 21:9 make sure its the same vertical height of the other screens. Thats all I'd worry about. Personally I'd get a 1440p monitor but other than that it looks good.

Also I'd wait for 300 series to come out mid this year, and just get a couple of 290x's because they are super cheap at the moment. The stacked memory modules will have such a high bus width that VRAM size will no longer matter on the frame buffer. i.e. Surround gaming will only be limited by core speed and not how many floating points can be stored in the memory.

Also on another note I'd take a punt and say a fair few reallllllyyyy nice free sync monitors will come out about the time of their launch. But like I always say, you shouldn't really wait for the best new tech to come out because you will be waiting forever. Just buy it now.

Food for thought

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295x are cheaper than 2 290s in the UK. Also I have an mITX motherboard at the moment. I don't really care about waiting for the 300 series. Its going to be three months. I'd rather pay now and then sell later.

This also looks good.

Well than if thats the case get the 295x. In AU its more expensive for the 295. That monitor looks realllllyyyy good... But... TN panel?? :/

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Yeah, just saw that its a deal breaker.

I think I'm going to go for the LG.

Unfortunately I can no longer keep the 50 inch 4K TV in my office. I am in mortal danger at the moment so I have to make the purchase. Otherwise I would just wait.

I just keep the boxes pretty and then sell the monitor if I want to upgrade later. Probably to 34UM67 if news of it ever breaks.

Sounds like you've got it planned man, that's the good thing about relatively expensive things, they have MUCH better resale value

I'm actually changing it a little. I think one 290x will be enough to drive the monitor. I'm not sure though. I have a custom water loop, and only a 750 Watt PSU so the 295x isn't really viable.

Fair enough. If you have a custom loop you should be able to push a decent clock out of your 290X. Make sure you get one with a decent VRM setup (Sapphire are godsend). Good VRM and good cooling leave silicone lottery as the lowest common denominator. That way you know that you did all you could to push as much performance out of your machine as you could have.

I'm guessing its the perfect resolution for a single 290x. This is a horrible purchase... I guess I can write an early review tough.

This is so cheap!!!

Its the 8GB one, its only £25 extra

Go for it man, its a great deal, much better than anything in Aus