New GPU advice

Ok so, not bought a GPU for a long time, however following a m/b failure i have decided to upgrade what i have (though on a very limited budget).

A few years ago i had to sell alot of things to get by, no need to bore you all with a long story, but after stay in hospital. I put together a machine with a bunch of old parts, some of it from storage, some of it from friends who sold me some old gear.

It was an m2n sli deluxe, with a phenom II x4 945, 6gb of ddr2 and a 580gtx.

I'm doing better these days, nearly recovered from a long term injury, but still on a very tight budget.
The old board finally died, so i looked at my options, despite intel's superior cpu's, i have decided to go the AMD route.

i have ordered this board
and 8gb of this RAM
For just under £100 in total.

The plan, such as it is. Is to upgrade the phenom II to a 8320, or 8350, (which i have seen priced fairly cheap) at some point next year, but my priority is an upgrade for the aging 580gtx.

should be noted the resolution will be 1920x1080 and that i'm fine with putting that down until i can spend on the cpu. (probably next year,)

So i was hoping for some suggestions for a good replacement for the 580gtx, preferably in the AMD range.
If i am going to drop a large chunk of cash, i'd prefer to do it on the GPU.
Long term (maybe 2018) will hopefully be in a much better position and who knows maybe by then AMD will have gotten their CPU's up there. Can sell on whatever i have and spend on something more heavy duty, but for now..

Build will be
Be Quiet 1000w PSU
Phenom II x4 945 (replaced by 8320/8350 sometime next year)
120gb SSD

Looking at around £200 budget for the GPU.


RX470 or RX480 depending on local pricing. Safe bet is go with a sapphire nitro.

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I second the Sapphire 470 and 480. Probably the best choice in that budget. Probably the 470 will be closer to your price and it handles 1080p gaming no problem.

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and if you are using linux for gaming then stay away from AMD GPUs unless you are much into opensource.
GTX 1050Ti or 1060 will do (for 1080p gaming), depends whats your budget.

Actually for new GPUs like the 4xx the Linux AMD drivers open and closed are fine. The main issue are with older cards at the moment.


Actually I would specifically recommend AMD GPUs for Linux. The open source driver is particularly good for rolling release distros.
Besides AMD will add freesync support and even had launch day support for the RX series in the open source drivers.
Though atm the nvidia closed source driver is superior in ogl games but overall much more painful compared to AMDs open source driver that is evolving a lot currently.


well sadly if you want bang for your buck then nvidia is the only choice still on linux atm.
amd opensource drivers are improving rapidly indeed, but still lacking performance and have too much edge cases where this or that doesnt work at all or works but renders wrong or has glitches.

I would agree RX480. Using Nvidia's drivers on Linux is fiddly, though pretty good if you can get them working. Nvidia don't really have anything to tantalising atm imo. At least, not while money is a constraint.

These guys can help you better then I could on the GPU.
Just wanted to let you know there is a thread that I thought was fun to read.
Also on the cpu upgrade I would look at the 8320e or the 8370e. I have the former but if I had to choose again I would choose the 8370e

Also two articles I found fun to read. The budding flame war in the comments section is also a blast!

Your MB looks very similar to my Asrock 970M pro3.
I went with a refurbished open box reference gtx 770 that was 135. Today I would go with the 480.
I guessing the 580 cost a bit when new.

Thanks for all the replys. Appreciate it. I think i will be going with the 470.

Found a rx470 here for £190

Will look around a bit more, see if it's any cheaper..tempted to wait till this 'black friday' thing companys do now.

yeah i try to keep out of all the arguments over gear. I do wonder sometimes about benchmark sites, where amd cpu's lose points in the overall tally, due to not having intergrated graphics. Though everything i have seen shows lower single core performance for amd.

I have always found the wiser course is to spend on GPU vs CPU, much more so when on a budget.

i had a look at the 8370e, not a huge drop, but big drop in power conspumption. If i see one for a good price, might be hard to turn down.

Thanks all, i'll get up and running this month.

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The XFX RX 480 GTR is also a very solid card. Quieter than the sapphire and has a very nice power delivery. The Asus Stric RX 480 is great too, although Asus customer support can leave a lot to be desired.

As for the CPU, the motherboard you've picked is actually a pretty weak 4+1 phase. I wouldn't really recommend putting an 8 core FX part in there. Maybe at most the FX-8320e, but definitely no overclocking.

Just saved me a headache. Apparently had it confused with this one. still time to amend the order(waiting on stock) and the UD3P is only about £15 more on the same site.


AMD RX series seems to hold their own. if you can go ~20-40 bucks above the limit the RX 480 is really rocking my world, it is immaculous for the price.
Im guessing your cpu will be the bottle neck in such a system.
Alternate a RX. 460. or even a RX. 470 would make a large difference.
bang for bucks i would deffinetly recommend the RX line from AMD, atleast compared to bussiness controlled companies like Nvidia.

The UD3P is a good board, as long as it's not DOA. I would be fine putting an 8370e in there. Although to be honest, I probably wouldn't go for an am3+ system nowadays. I'd rather grab an i3-6100 and a budget H110 board.

Get the 480.