New godzilla movie trailer!

Check out this new trailer for the upcoming Godzilla movie on May 16th!!! :D As a lifelong fan of Godzilla, from '74 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla to Final Wars, I'm psyched for this amazing new chapter! What do you all think?


bryan cranston

gona get an oscar.

yep, as long as man continues to abuse mother nature, there will always be a godzilla.

It's gonna be fantastic. Rumors are (and you can see during the trailer) that King Ghidorah and another insect monster are gonna be in the movie as well. The big rumble is gonna obviously between the Nuclear Dinosaur and the Golden Lightning Dragon :) 

Must. See. Now....

I'm super excited for it.  It looks damn good...  god I hope it lives up to the hype.  After the abortion that was Final Wars (though, to be fair, it was one of the most unintentionally hilarious movies I've seen in quite sometime, so at least I got some enjoyment out of it), I'm starving for a good Goji movie.  Been a fan since I was a kid.

Monsters was decent, and it has a good cast so I'm optimistic.

Pfft...such a predictable plot from the trailer. I already know that he will cook the purist meth ever cooked and get the Godzilla hooked on it, and through addiction the Godzilla will eventually die from health dilapidation. Typical Hollywood.

Final Wars was like a Destroy All Monsters redux. Gotta say one of its redeeming qualities was having the infinitely badass Stephen Fry play Captain Gordon... That and having the Secretary General of the UN played by Akira Takarada...

Blue meth, blue flame breath... Coincidence?

I can't wait for this movie, its overdue.

Also one thing that was pointed out that bugs me is that Godzilla has humanoid lips. Why does a reptile have humanoid lips?

This film is going to make my life!

I'm sure you meant Don Frye : )  Stephen Fry, while awesome, wasn't in Final Wars...  though it would have been hysterical seeing him trying to play a rebellious tough guy lol. Anyway, the movie doesn't really feel like a Godzilla movie to me.  It' feels more like a live action anime with some cameos by various Kaiju and a coked out looking Godzilla with a weird little bird head and cat ears.  Honestly, I felt like I was watching a power rangers movie without the zords or whatever they were called.  But it was good for a laugh, and for seeing the big G obliterate zilla in about 3 seconds flat lol.

As for Takarada, he's apparently going to be in the new Godzilla too...  probably just a cameo though.  Still, it'll be like, what, his 7th or 8th Godzilla movie?  So it's pretty cool.

Derp. I meant Don Frye yeah. I'll admit, I'd get a kick out of seeing Stephen Fry in a Godzilla movie. His roles in V for Vendetta and Desolation of Smaug show he can do both humor and intense seriousness rather well.

He's a good actor...  though I'm not sure Bad-Ass with a Sword is in his wheel house lol.  Maybe he could be a British scientist or something.

I love Godzilla. This is going to be an excellent 60th anniversary.