New gfx for 1440p gaming

Hi there.

Im currently looking around for a new gfx card.

i currently have a Asus 6870 (1GB) and its driving my dell u2711 (2560x1440) display.

I mostly play Diablo 3 and battlefield 4 atm. so i anyone could recommend a new card that can drive my display at around the 30-40 frames width midt to high detail (AA not required) then i would appreciate it :)

We need a budget range.

well i dont live in the US so i will take it by the exchange rate.

i would say between 250$ - 350$

Grab this NOW. I haven't seen any coverage on it this yet but it is a rebranded Hd 7950 which is hellishly fast.   

just saying.... it'd look better playing 1080p on ultra vs 1440p on medium...

but look into a gtx 770 or R9 280x... see if you can stretch the budget to get a GTX 780 or R9 290, as those will actually play at 1440p

he doesn't live in the US.... soooo... A+ for effort :D

I'm looking at this

Probably the best performer in your price range. If the exchange rate and international shipping take a big bite out of your budget check out the 750 ti.



i have been looking at the GTX 780 and the R9 290 but im kinda waiting for them to fall a bit in price here where i live, atm a GTX 780 is around 600$ so its a bit on the heavy side of the budget

i have been looking at the R9 280x a fair bit, it seems like a fine card, i have just heard a lot of ppl saying that they get realy hot, but that might already have been fixed?! or

well, 1440p is demanding for any card on the market besides the R9 290x and 780ti (which will be WAY over budget if a regular 780 is)... you could buy a GTX 770 or R9 280x and play on 1080p ultra until you could save up enough to crossfire/SLI (they'll play at 1440p ultra at playable diminished frame rates, but if you're any kind of picky about your gameplay as I am, you'll be happier with 1080p, after a Crossfire or SLI they'll be all out of bubblegum ;) )... or you could fork over the dough and get the big cards in a single card setup...

Budget's not really the issue here, you already went 1440p... if you want to play games @ 1440p, it costs $$$... I really can't suggest you buy anything less than a 4GB 770 or R9 280x with the intent of crossfiring in the near future

the 280x reference model gets hot... any aftermarket solution should be fine... I prefer the Asus Direct CU II cooler on that card personally...

It seems like a nice card :)

it could be a winner :) now i just need to save up a bit of cash :) then they might also fall a bit in price when im ready to buy :P

770, 280x, or the normal (and new) 280 will be enough for 1440p. Should be able to play most games on ultra.

I don't have a 1440p monitor... they run BF4 ultra @1440p 60fps? I know they'll run it on ultra... and it's not a bad card to crossfire/SLI... but I'd project 20-35 FPS or so at 1440p BF4 ultra with any AA at all... which is playable... it's just not "WHOA"... I'm thinking towards the future, if it barely runs it playable right now... in a three years it's practically obsolete...

If I stand corrected plz let me know... I'm curious

My 780 isn't that much faster than the 280x at 1440p. I can tell you that I get a pretty solid 60FPS on Ultra with some really high filtering. It drops when I run through smoke. But the 280x should manage BF4, on ultra with AA, at a really high frame rate. Higher than 35, certainly.

Video proof, for your convenience:

I can confirm what Berserker said. The 770 (respectively 280x) are more than capable at 1440p. I play BF4 at 1440p, all ultra, HBAO, no AA and never dip <50 fps in multiplayer. Average fps is 64-72 depending on the map. You could use some AA and it would still be playable, I just prefer constant 60+ fps since it is a shooter. The 280x is probably the better choice due to the additional 1 GB of VRAM, but I've never run into any problems with my 770.

well... the test range isn't much of a bench... at 1080p my overclocked 780 classified does 110-120 FPS at the test range... in actual multiplayer mode it goes down to 90-100 FPS... that's everything turned up to the max... of course all my monitor can process is 60 so I don't care, but just saying...

if it holds those lines on things other than BF4 I'd really be impressed (without mantle support)... I'ma look into it... have you overclocked your 780 at all... cause mine still has another 200mhz of stable overhead for overclocking room I just dialed it down cause I don't need it yet...

Learn something every day here :)

good deal... like I said I hadn't seen benches... but it's good to know... I've always recommended the 780/R9 290 almost exclusively for 1440p... shows me not having the setup :P

thanks for the input

To answer those couple of personal questions: My monitor is locked at 60FPS. I think I can clock it up to 75 or more, but I don't want to try. I actually lock my 780 to a maximum of 60FPS; anything above that, I won't notice at a 60Hz refresh rate. It's only a reference design, because I had intended to water cool it. So going for maximum overclock is not concerning me, at this time. I don't want high temps for something that isn't going to give me a net benefit, and the reference design is not optimal. The card performs to the level that I desire. There's nothing left to attain with many of the games that I play.

In truth, I should be exceeding that framerate quite easily.

There's a lot more that guy could have done to improve his frames. He didn't turn V sync off.

Of course, the performance of the game itself has improved; there's Mantle now, additionally. His frames didn't drop below 50 for the most part, and I don't expect the multiplayer action to drop below 45-50. The margins on 1440p are less severe than 1080p, seemingly. A 20FPS drop at 1080p is like a 10FPS drop on 1440p, which I can't begin to explain.

While the performance differences between the 280x and 780 are quite large at 1080p. It's a much smaller gap at 1440p. Best benchmarks to view are the results on LinusTechTips.