New Gaming Rig

This new rig will mostly be focused on gaming and overclocking. I plan on running Battlefield 4 and future games. My budget is about 1800$ but can be 2000$.  I live in the USA and I use USD. I've had small experience in overclocking my old rig, but I plan on going out on this rig.

For this rig I am going for quietness, I don't want a super loud machine. The things I will not replace is the case unless it can not fit the H100i. Everything else can be changed.

The 1800-2000$ budget I'm using includes new peripherals (Keyboard and Mouse) I would like to use Newegg or amazon, but the cheapest place works too. Let me know if there are any bundles that are going on to perhaps save me some money.


Case:  Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl ($109.99)

CPU: i7 4770K ($339.99)

CPU Heatsink: CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i ($109.99)

Motherboard: Asus Z87-PRO LGA1150 ATX board ($199.99)

GPU: I can not decide on a graphics card. The ones I've came up with were:

  1. ASUS DirectCUII GTX 780 (665$)
  2. ASUS DirectCUII GTX 770 (409$)
  3. ASUS DirectCUII HD7970  (309$) (Out of Stock)

I don't know if the extra 200$+ for the 780 is worth it compared to the 770. I also do not know which of the cards is better. 

RAM: G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2x4GB) 2133 (82.99$)

PSU: CORSAIR HX Series HX850 W: (150$)

SSD: Kingston Hyper X 3K SSD (96.31$)

Fans:  I was thinking about getting 2 Noctua NF-F12 (40$ for two) for the H100i and using the stock fans for the case / default ones that come from the H100i. If anyone has any recommendations for the case fans put them here.

Keybiard: Noppoo Choc Mid with Red switches (96$)

Mouse: Steelseries Sensei Raw: 56$

OS: Windows 8.1 - 99$ (If anyone can find this way cheaper, please tell me.)


So the total prices come down to:

  1. ~1905.27$ (With 780)
  2. ~1649.27$ (With 770)
  3. ~1549.27$ (With 7970)

If you can wait for the R9 290 then that's what I'd recommend. If not, then this 7970 is great. Your build looks nice. That case will serve you well for quietness.

Not that the H100i is particularly noisy, but if quietness is a top priority along with top notch cooling, I'd stay the route of air cooling with something the likes of the Noctua NH-D14. Tom'sHardware recently did an article comparing closed loop water cooling units, such as the H100i and pitted them against the NH-D14... and as for cooling performance per noise output... well things looked grim:

Only Thermaltake’s previously-tested Water2.0 Extreme is able to beat the air cooler when we chart cooling-to-noise, and only when it's set to automatic mode. Higher-speed fans give many of the other configurations superior cooling, but only with a disproportionate increase in noise. Most of us prefer to let the motherboard control our cooling systems, but that also adds another layer of variability to a test that we’re trying to keep fair.


However, overall performance compares cooling to noise. Using the numbers from that chart to map performance to price, we again find the NH-D14 on top. Thermaltake’s older Water2.0 Extreme takes second place when its fans are slowed through its automatic controller...

...And the winner is? Well, we’d recognize the NH-D14 again if not for several factors, including the fact that this is a liquid-cooling shootout...,3607.html

As for the GPU, I'd consider getting the Radeon 7970 (GHz) or the R9 280X, whichever is cheaper as they are on the same core (Tahiti XT).