New gaming rig. Opinions? (about $1500) opinions?

my suggestion, this costs a little more, the videocards not quite as high end BUT, the monitor is MUCH better, the coolers MUCH better as well.

now, another option is
that air cooleris better then the water cooler you listed, I would however toss a couple Akasa Viper 120mm fans on it(on the list now!!!)

now, i know theres no ssd, really an ssd isnt needed, its great for boot times but, a 64gb ssd is VERY restrictive, IMHO your better off saving up for at least a 128 or better a 256gb unit.

heres the trick to get ssd like perf from within windows with this build, grab FancyCache , once you have that, do what I do for my windows drive, give it a cache between 1.5 and 4gb, and enable delayed write, set  it to 4k as well(best perf)

part of this build is a 32gb ram kit, this is so that you can give you games drive a 16gb cache when needed, note: this will not boost the load speed the first time files are loaded, BUT in games that load data from the same files over and over, (most games) this will help alot, same with apps.

the current version seems to boost windows load to desktop times as well(4gb cache on the windows drive, but 1-1.5gb is fine really)  by enabling delayed write you take some of the load off the hdd as well, giving it abit more time to read.

in tests side by side, my games hdd vs an ssd, the ssd was no faster loading maps/levels/zones in any game I tested once the game had been started, many times I load into maps so fast, i sit and wait for even people with pci-e ssd's(got 2 friends with them) they get annoyed with me teasing them, since they are both on i7's and im "only" on an 8350.... but they also only have 4-12gb they cant make as much use of fancycache as i can.

IMHO, the listed rig would be better allaround then what you where gonna get.

I would make a 128-160gb partition for windows, and the rest for games and apps, use the disk edition of fancycache, give the drive 24gb cache, that will cache both partitions use a delayed write of no more then 600s (i use 10 or 60sec, no more) 

honestly, this will give you FAR better perf in games then you would believe, and give you more space for your games.

also note: the toshiba drives have a better rep then WD or Seagate drives at the moment....and this is one of the best per gb priced drives out there. 

Honestly, I dont really need a 1440p monitor because it will most likely hurt my FPS if I try to run things on high settings. Also dont you think $400 is a bit steep for a monitor if you are running on a single 7870?

sorry my posts arent formatted better, saddly this forum software seems hellbent on making any long post I make into a WALLOFTEXTFROMHELL.....

honestly, the above would kickass for games and you could add a 3nd 7870xt later(and despite what Logan said, and the problems he had,  cfx is not hard to deal with...)

in short unless your an nVidia fanboi, or really really need cuda, the 7870 xt(LE) is the ticket price for perf, in just about every review I found a few weeks back the 7870xt was kickin the 670 around pretty good, very few titles showed the 670 being faster.....specially with current drivers(the 13.2's are AMAZING!!!!) 



So which would you reccomend the Radeon 7870 or the Radeon 7950?

as to the monitor, no, not really, I run 2560x1440 on most of my games and 1 7870 handles it fine, there are rare titles I have to tweak settings for but for the most part, at 1440p its not really a problem, hell my old 6870 cf was able to do it no problem and those cards only have 1gb ram.

let me find a normal 7870 perf review(dont think tpu did a review of the xt yet....) 2560x1440 really isnt that big a hit with modern cards, there are a few titles that will take a hit but, nothing that bad.

by that bad, I mean, you wont see a slide show, and you wont have to crank everything down.

the worse I have had to do is drop driver based or in game AA from 8x to 4x, and honestly, with smaa running, thats not even noticeable(infact, im starting to rebuild my game profiles...smaa is soo good!!!) 

gime a min to find the review link.

these korean ips monitors....are bloody amazing...same panel as the apple cinima displays, alot cheaper. 

guess they did (best reviews for videocards in various resolutions=tpu

hope that helps, if you go back pages you can see each game, the 7870xt is just a 7950 with a minor cutdown, they can even cossfire with 7900 cards(but not 7800 

another option would be 2x7850's, they are around 100 cheaper each, but in cf give better perf then a 680/7990.

I cant stress enough how nice 1440p really is, specially at those prices!!!

the 7950 or 7870xt is up to you, I would get a 7870xt, then add a 2nd one when you get some more money saved up, I got 2 orignal 7870 ghz editions and LOVE them, have yet to find a game i cant run at 2560x1440, im not joking, the few titles I have found with issues, worst i have had to do is turn shadows down, and thats more due to them being soft shadows that are cpu driven rather then gpu driven.(shocking how poorly done they are really, they look nice but....why cant they use gpu driven shadows?) 

one last question would your build still be good if I dropped it down to 8gbs of DDR3-1866 ram.(Just to get   back under budget and I will add more ram later.)

my optimal build would be the one with the kraken honestly, it will fit in the case perfectly(watch the video review of that case, you will LOVE IT.....(video reviews on newegg)  all i think each time i watch it is "now if i could only order one and have the cute asian chick included"   lol

looks like she could climb inside it....

the nice thing about that case is, all the airflow and the filters...a buddy just used that case on is latest build(very similar to what i recommended, only diff being he had some uber pricy ram he won cas8 at 1866 stuff) and he tossed in 3 more 2tb drives, he set them in a raid5, he really loves the system ih elped him build, the case is amazing....the 7870xt is a beast for its price(compare it in the reviews to the 7950 and 670(cards that both cost alot more).

get the sapphire not powercolor the sapphire has better cooler...

I would get at least 16gb but at 16 you would be ok, and could add a 2nd kit of the same stuff later easily(get the skill ares stuff they got a 2 stick kit...let me find it for you) 

hows this look

now, with the psu change, your still fine even with 2  7870xt's (i double checked with psu caculator), if you can go a bit over budget, get the 32gb ram kit, honestly with fancycache its well worth it!!!

its worth it because, fancycache makes up for lack of ssd :)

also wanted to say, I have that psu, as well as the 550 watt and 730watt versions, they are all quite good/excellent units, quiet and powerful(infact, the 730 is in my 8120 rig) 

my 2 systems
[email protected] stock volts(was 4.6 but that was with this cooler at higher volts its got an old corecontact freezer on it now) 
16gb hyperx gensis 1600
2x6870 1gb cards
4 hdd's, 1 optical

730watt kingwin psu.

[email protected](aegir)
32gb gskill [email protected]
2x7870 dual-x(paid 209 each!!!) 
LSI Logic based sas raid card
10 hdd's 1 optical.

1200watt pcpower and cooling turbo cool(i got a killer buy on it, under 100shipped!!!, its massive overkill for my system :D )

hope this helps :)

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but thanks for the help :D

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