New gaming rig, ~$600

uh the link doesnt work for me, wonder.

Excuse me for not reading all the comments, but i found a pretty recent build by some guy called duncan on Youtube. I'm not too sure how RtW's build compares to this, but this guy puts everything into your exact budget (OS and everything) Plus, he has a build guide using the parts he suggests.
I'm no hardware expert but this seems like a good build to me(feel free to diagree).
I took the liberty of putting all the parts on pcpartpicker so you can get the components for the lowest prices, and I also linked the original video.


Okay so I put this thing together using the parts he suggested and it's a few bucks over budget.


Hope this is somewhat helpful ! and Good luck with your build !


Nooooooooooooooooo dont go mini itx unless you need to. Build videos arent really the greatest, everyone has different needs etc.

mhm, i heard that duncan always uses really low quality parts, i enjoy his videos though If you plan on OCing. The FX-4300,FX-6300 and the FX-8350 are similar to the Phenom 965/955 but newer.

This is what I've come up with, uh tony, you gave us the link to the website, not the link to the build.

2133 g skill ram for around the same price as the crucial 1600? hell yes

got HIS on the gpu instead of MIS, cheaper and seems like it's better, if not the same.