NEW, Gaming PC, These good specs?

Hey guys this is my first build and Im kinda new to this but I was wondering if these specs could run say, the top end games on medium to high/ultra, like bf3, coh 2 (not out yet), far cry 3 etc, and also a little of rendering videos and stuff like that , specs are

i5-2500k Quad-Core Processor 3.3 GHz

GeForce GTX650 - 2GB GDDR5

Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 RAM

ASUS P8Z77-M PRO Motherboard

Regular 1TB Hard Drive 

Antec 550W 80 PLUS Platinum ATX 12v, 120mm Fan

And an external DVD/CD drive



Also Im a little paranoid of the thing overheating, I know the case has 7 fans but Im still a little worried. Should I be?

Thanks for reading.



Actually the i5 3570k does overheat a bit with the Stock Heatsink. 

I'd recommend this. Its worth EVERY penny

I highly doubt you will have any over-heating issues, the i5 only pulls about 95W (correct me if im wrong). When you really have to worry about heat is when your room is about 80*F and your running the stock cooler, in my opinion.

I was going to recommend the AMD FX-8350 since it has more cores, and more cache, which would help with some video rendering, but it seems I would be wrong according to the benchmarks. Did Logan happen to mention getting the i5-2500k?

The rule of thumb for me when keeping a pc cool, is have a cpu fan that can cool a higher watt than what the cpu is rated at. Use a good thermal adheasive like Arctic Silver, have a fan that flows air from outside of the case onto the video card, and one intake fan in the front blowing on the hard drive(s). Usually, a Negative Pressure fan setup is best, which means have more fans blowing out than in. I know that there are other possibly better non-conductive alternatives to Arctic Silver, but I have been using it for almost 10 years now, and it works excellent as expected every time.

dude isn't that what logan keeps around his desk and market it on every occasion? is it that good or did product placement get to you lol

GTX 650 is an incredibally weak card, why are you spending more on a cpu than a graphics card? Get a hd7850 graphics card, and an fx 6300 cpu and your set. When you are rendering videos use the graphics card for rendering, will beat the snot out of the cpu anyday. Also don't worry about it overheating, it is very very EXTREMELY unlikely. Besides, the computer isn't that dumb, when it starts to overheat it will shut itself down.

Thanks for all your comments, very helpful

I agree with tek

ivy only pulls 77W



Another agreement with tek!