New gaming pc OS

im getting a new pc and im not sure what OS to choose. WIN7 or 8 i play pretu much all the latest titles aswell as old games like Metro 2033, fallout new vegas and halflife and gmod 


i know win8 with start is back is good but i dont know about the compatability with games. i dont want to spend a lot of monnies on a new pc and it not run all my games then have to swap os.  

Just get windows 7 home premium its like 100 bucks and you won't have any issues with games unless they are really old games(im sure that source engine games run fine though).Also not to offend you but u made some big spelling errors.

money isnt a problem they are both the same price where i am.  i hear people telling me that 8 is better.  i know it uses less ram and with the right things turned on it boots faster but dirvers for it arnt as developed.


where were the errors ?



Win8 offers a little performance boost. However, it has problems playing much older games. It's an incompatability issue. e.g the Cossacks series on Steam doesn't have Win8 listed as a compatible OS.

I'm running Win8, it's great for modern games, including games from the Win7 era.

how much older are we talking about here ?  


world at war, half life and fallout new vegas are my oldes games would they work 

New vegas and the like will be fine. Probably Fallout 3, too.

I'm talking about games that pre-date those. Anything before Vista, which I believe was released near the end of 2006. There is little backwards compatibility with XP programs.

I had trouble running the formentioned Cossacks series.

built my friend a PC with win8pro and statisback the onyl thing we've had issues with is dark souls. and that is more a a cross-platform issues between steam and windows live Idon'tevenknowwhat.

fallout worked just fine on it through steam.

windows 7 home premium is fine if you only ever plan on having 16gb of ram in your machine.. and as a gaming pc you should be fine with that particular 'limitation' :)

I have been reading on various sites that with most newer games, windows 8 gives you more *min* frames.

..I suppose I will have to upgrade at some point, i just cant be bothered as windows 7 does everything I want.

i have yet to run into any compatability issues in win8

thanks i am going to go for windows 8 because its newer and i have never used it and i want to try it.  i have win 7 on a disk just incase it gets fu**ed up somehow.