New gaming pc for under £550

I am looking for a gaming PC that will be able to play new AAA titles on  highest settings possible for my £550 budget, I live in the UK. I am looking to play BF4, League of legends, Neverwinter and other new titles coming out. I don't do any rendering or editing.I want it purely for gaming/web browsing. I will be playing at 1080p as that is what my monitor supports.

I don't mind if i can overclock or not. I am willing to do it if i need to if i want to play high end games.

Monitor and OS wise i already have. So they will not be needed in the build. I don't have a parts i want necessarily but i see asus directcu2 760's for £190 so if i can get one of them i would be happy.( I really don't care which brand of gpu i get though). I would rather have a HDD than a SSD because i would rather have the extra storage space.Also i would be really thankful if someone could explain Ram cas latency. I have no idea what it is or what it does.

Thank you in advance

Ryan Davison

You have a really good budget for a really good gaming experience. Wasn't sure if you needed an OS, but here's what I came up with:

280x destroys the 760. You can add a lot to this build. I would suggest getting an SSD later on. You can add an optical drive for £10-12.

I would grab a heatsink for approximately £25 to replace the stock CPU cooler.

For some reason, at the time of configuring this build, the 2133 was really cheap. You don't necessarily need fast RAM like that, but it was cheap.

I was going to reply but then I saw you did, your build is perfect apart from the R9 280x will be out of stock for at least two weeks and I would imagine that Ryan needs his PC for Christmas other than that it's perfect.


I didn't even think about stock. Apparently they were selling like hot cakes because of the bitcoin boom. I think the availability is a little better in the UK, fortunately for OP.

Thank you for the help.8) Just finished ordering the PC hopefully i will be able to get some benchmarks up here to show people with the same budget what performance you can get.

Yeah! For £550 you have a high-end rig. What's that compared to the cost of an Xbox One + gold membership? Near enough equal cost.

I am helping a friend of mine build a PC. I am donating the RAM which would save at least £30 on the 4GB minimum required for a gaming build. But it has a 7870 which can play most games on ultra, and the total build costs around £350. The same price as the PS4 without adding PS Plus, which is a recurring cost of £50 a year.

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