New Gaming PC Build

So i have been looking into building a new computer for while now and about to get one. Here is my build


CPU: intel i5-3570k ( I plan to overclock to around 4.5 ghz) 

GPU: EVGA gtx 660 FTW sig 2

Memory: corsair vengance 8gb DDR3 1600

Motherboard: asus p8 z77-v pro

Power supply: corsair hx750

Case: corsair carbide series 500r (black)

CPU Cooler: corsair h100i

Storage: Samsung 840 series 120GB ssd

               western digital 1tb black

monitor: Acer G5 21.5" widescreen lcd monitor


I am willing to change some of the parts, it just has to come out at about $1500. Thanks for the help in advanced


May I suggest:

This is what I would do with $1500:

Here is what I would get.

Corsair AX750 is major overkill, but will support up to two more 7950s in the future. Being fully modular is nice :) If you won't get any more GPUs, then drop it to a Seasonic G 550, or even a Corsair AX650 if you can find one.

The MSI Twin Frozr 7950 is fantastic for the money, with a beefy cooler and lots of power. Looks great, well priced, and fantastic performance. I wouldn't get a 7970 when 7950s are so cheap in comparison.

The Gigabyte UD5 990FX will handle any overclock you throw at it - great VRM for the price. It will make that 8350 sing :)

Speaking of that, the 8350 is a lot better than the 3570k, especially for the money. The 8350 is along the lines of the performance of the 3770k, and is $100 cheaper. No reason not to get them :)

The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is a massive cooler, but is well worth the money. I'd say it could handle a 5.0gHz OC on that 8350 if your chip can handle it. Massive, but worth it. Best air cooler out there.

256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD - best on the market. Really fast, andplenty large. Keep the larger files on the Seagate SV35.5 2TB HDD.

Yeah, I missed the part about the $1500.

Hello Ares... I would go with whatever Brennan says.