New Gaming PC Build (600$ budget)


I was simply looking for people to confirm my choices about a new build I am about to buy. I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to PCs but a 2nd opinion would be nice.

So, I'm from Canada, and I'm looking to get a new Desktop PC for under 600$ (after taxes and shipping, also the lower the better). The general use of the computer is mostly gaming, programming (I'm going to University, so you could say it's going to be important). I really like eye-candy and I love turning on all the settings on and cranking everything to the max. This is pretty important for me. Thing is, I currently and only own a HP laptop with an i5 430m and a 5650m, so you could say that any upgrade would be very substancial for me.

I have thought about going Intel, but it just doesn't fit in the 600$ budget (sure, maybe an i3 would, but AMD is on par if not better in most cases, including general use).

I need: Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, PSU, and Case. Aftermarket cooler (hyper 212, most likely) would be nice, but not necessary, for now.

Here's what I found, using (I am open to other websites/companies but unless there's a really good deal, I rather buy all my parts from the same place, it's just simpler)


MotherBoard - MSI 970A-G43 - 74.99$                                       

CPU -  AMD FX-6300 - 139.99$ (-8$ for combo w/ Mobo, 131.99$)

GPU - ASUS GTX 660 DC2 (2GB) - 204.99$ (-20$ mail in rebate, 184.99$, includes Free Metro: Last Light)

RAM - Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB (1600) - 45.99$ (boy has this stuff gone up in price lately)

PSU - CORSAIR CX500M (500W, 80+ bronze)                          

Case - NZXT Source 210 - 39.99$                                                


Total (taxes + shipping) : 588.23$


My only real concerns are about the Motherboard and the PSU. As I mentionned previously, I intend to overclock the 6300, but only very safely and mildly. SLI is very unlikely. If anyone happends to know, I would like to know if the next gen of AMD cpus will be supported by AM3+. And the PSU, I just want something very reliable and sufficient. Doesn't have to be the best, but I don't want it busting 1 month in, or worst, frying the rest of my computer. Thanks a lot!

Grab a 990FX Motherboard if you whant to overclock (one with at least a  8+2 power phase)

The new AMD chips will be AM3+

Grab a 600w psu to give your self more room to overclock that cpu and gpu if you whant to upgrade to the new chips at some point 

The PSU is okay. If you want to have high overclocks, get a 990FX board like cooperman said. But if it's just moderate OC's, the MSI board is fine. I'd say get different ram and a different case. Like maybe a Corsair 200R or a Zalman Z11/Z9. The 210 is small for the price. The ram might be fine, but maybe get a better known brand?

And yes, next-gen AMD CPUs will utilize AM3+, at least that's what AMD said

I'd like to pick out parts for you, but I'm busy right now, so I'll update later


Everything looks pretty good. Personally I would go with a 7870 ( It is a touch more expensive but it performs better and you get FarCry3 Blood Dragon, Bioshock Infinite, and Tomb Raider for free.

Edit: Also consider a different case. A Corsair 200R (, or an NZXT Tempest 410 ( are both very good choices.

So I checked out both cases. The NZXT Tempest, for some absurd reason, costs 35$ shipping, which puts me wayy over budget, and the 200r is nearly double the price of the NZXT 210. Also, that 7870, including MIR i get on the 660, is 65$ more expensive.

Good build, my only recommendation if you want to overclock is that you'll need an aftermarket cooler to deal with the extra heat, not to mention the stock heatsinks are noisy as hell (I know from experience).  If you can swing an $20 or $30, look at the XIGMATEK Gaia.  It performs very well for its price range, and it's been on sale for $20 for awhile, though that may be ending soon...

Also it has free shipping :D

Also check out the Zalman Z11 and/or Z9. A lot of 7870 are close to $200 right now. I suggest using PC Partpicker to find the lowest prices you can get.