New gaming mouse

my birthday is this weekend and i'm going to buy a new gaming mouse. i have around 70-80 dollars.

just a simple mouse, maybe ambidextrous and it doesn't need to have a million buttons, just the normal ones.

Any suggestions?

Zowie FK is probably perfect for you.

Steel Series Sensei or Sensei RAW. I love my sensei. The Deathadder 2013 is a pretty awesome ergonomic mouse. The Taipan isn't a bad choice, but it's a bit thin for my taste. Look into Zowie too, They have a ton of great mice.

If you really don't need any flashy stuff, just ambidextrous, the Kinzu V2 Pro is $20-30 and has a good sensor. I use it, it's just the basics and I love it. Small and comfy for me.

Well Zowie FK, as was previously suggested. There's nothing really better on the market.