New gaming mouse for someone with long fingers

I am looking for a new mouse since the mouse I am currently using can get uncomfortable after long periods of time. I have long finger/Piano fingers my finger hang off the front of the mouse by almost my entire first knuckle, and I use palm grip and claw grip depending on the game, I don't care if it's wireless or not since I really can't feel a difference between them. Thanks for the help

I got kind of alien style fingers myself and I like the mionix naos 7000. Try that one.



Agreed. Naos 7000 is wonderful. Just got a 2ND one for the upstairs gimpstick.

I've got the Naos 8200 and I think it's extremely underwhelming. My middle finger is 8 inches from the bottom of my palm to its tip (I'm the biggest hand I know). It's not specially comfortable.

I use Func MS3 but im not hardcore gamer. But since I have it not more pain in knuckles due to rotation, i hate small mices.

Thanks for all the suggestions I went to a bestbuy and tried out a few different ones and ended up going with the G502.