New gaming headset!

I'm looking for a new gaming headset and also use it for music since my current ones just died. I'm looking for something under 150 bucks, I already have a separate mic since I also produce music so all I need are some good suggestions for headphones that would be good for gaming and music. Thanks guys!

Audio Technica ATH M50's or Sennheiser 558's if you don't mind open air headphones.

Yeah I was looking at the M50s, I was thinking of buying those at first but I really wanted to see what my other options were

I've never known a single person who has not liked their M50's. I don't even have them myself but I still recommend them because I haven't really ever heard a complaint about them. I recommended the Sennheisers Cause I have 3 pair of Sennheisers myself and just love their sound signature. Its not for everyone, its pretty flat, but I really like it. I really would like to be able to listen to a pair of M50's to see what all the hubbub is all about though.

I didn't find anything special about M50's. They're a good all-rounder for about a hundred bucks for those who haven't tried better headphones and want a closed set, but nothing worth spending more money on if you've already got a few nice headphones.