New Gaming/Editing Rig

So I'm planning on building my first pc.
And I've no idea where I should start for getting the best price for what I'd like to do.
I'd like to have a system which can do decent settings with games while recording because I'd like to start a channel on Youtube. I'm no graphics whore but if I'm going to use footage for a channel then it'd be great to have some graphics. Along with video editing, it's a hobby of mine to mess around in Fruity Loops and try to make some nice music but I'm unsure if I'd really need anything added on solely for that.
I'm looking to get this system for around $1000 (or less if possible) and maybe see about upgrading later if needed for extra crap I certainly won't ever need.

I look forward to seeing suggestions from everyone and thanks if you give some.

do you live in america?

Yes I do.