New Gaming Desktop Build £850

Hello guys, I'm looking at building a gaming PC to run new games at max settings @1080p and 60fps. Would this build be able to do that now and for 3-4 years into the future? I am looking to be running games like BF4 and the witcher 3.

Do all do these components work together? and do you have any recommendations for any changes I should make to the build.

I am not looking to overclock the CPU but would I be able to OC the GPU with this motherboard? 

I went with 1 stick of 8gb because I would like to add another in the near future.

Thanks in advance!

Do you really need 16gb of RAM? If your just gaming and using windows you will never use more than 8gb.

Good rig, if you intend to X-Fire in the future, you cant with that motherboard and that PSU couldnt support that.

That motherboard wont have a very good soundcard, but thats up too you if you class sound as a major part of gaming (I do).

The 280x wont play at 60fps for 3 years though. but for a good time it will.

You're right the new ram would be added years down the line. I thought it would be easier/cheaper to go from one stick to 2.

I don't intend to x-fire because I would like to keep this build quite small so it can comfortably fit on a desk. 

I will look into getting a dedicated sound card, any recommendations?

Build looks decent for what you want it for, and you can always upgrade the video card in the future if performance degrades with newer titles over time.

As for the sound card, the Asus Xonar D2X is a great choice. The difference between that and on-board audio is night and day when paired with a decent headset / speakers.

Thanks guys! I'll start ordering the parts soon. As for the sound card I don't have any audio equipment good enough to benefit from it at the moment, but as soon as I get a better pair of cans I'll grab one.

Thanks again.