New gaming comp for 2100 NZD

Greetings from New Zealand, I wanna build a new gaming rig my budget is a round 2000 - 2500 NZD (1700 - 2000 USD) as this is what ill be able to afford at Christmas (when i plan to buy).

at the moment I'm running a;

  • Duel-Core E6300
  • 4GB ddr2 800MHz (Kingston)
  • WD 2TB HDD
  • HIS 5770 (
  • All on a Asus P5KPL-CM MOBO


so a complete rig would be necessity this wont be my first build but this will be my first buy i would like SSD to instal Windows (i have a copy already) on and i prefer to use Intel CPU's (unless there is something someone can recommend) but i dont mind Nvidia or AMD Video cards i would like to play most new wand future came at 1080p at as closes to 60FPS as possable and upgradeable is desirable i probable cant order from over seas unless its significantly cheaper to ship to NZ i have all the peripherals i need including the 1080p monitor.

Any help will be appreciated Thanks

My choice: