New games? suggestions

im looking for games that are different they dont have to be mainstream like far cry or cod(the ones everyone know about) but im looking for good games.

top 5

fallout 3



assassins creed

borderlans 1 2 and pre


This will be said by everyone, but if you havent played the halflife series, you are doing yourself a disservice.

i havent played every one but i have played them 


I quite like the overlord series I am currently playing through. I like the game play, IE the strategy and puzzle solving elements, however the controls seem out of place on the desktop. Also I must add that their is no serious story. It is very lighthearted. They are available on steam for <$8 for the most recent one.


civ beyond earth

xcom enemy within




Dark Souls 2 

Chivalry (online only)