New Games/Genre

For the past 10 or so years, I have only really been into RPG/MMO/Fantasy games but have lately become bored of the same thing. Recently, I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 1/2, Borderlands and some LoL. I'm looking for something new to play and am open to suggestions (PC, PS4(Housemate has a Wii U I can play)). Mostly PC.

Some genres I've been interested in but have not played a great deal of are things like space games(Sci-fi), puzzle/strategy, racing(motorbikes/cars/rally). I don't mind suggestions of some RPG/adventure games but if it's a well-known one, I've probably played it. Preferably something with a compelling story or an older, lesser-known one.


Interested to hear your suggestions!

How about some nice 4x games? Master of Orion 2 (old but the best!), Civ 4 or 5, Endless Space...

Give the JRPG genre a try. They are confusing and hard at first, but surprising fun. Also, definitely give DiRT and DiRT 2 a try as they are the best Rally games out there.

I've played Civ. 4 & 5, awesome games, but I'll check out the other two!

Any specific JRPG games you would recommend on PC? I bought DiRT3, because it was on the humble bundle I think, and didn't find it too great in comparison to other rally games I've played. I assume you didn't mention the third one because the others are better... I'll have to give them a look. Thanks!

Yes DiRT 3 is terrible don't play it lol. As for JRPG, look into the Ys series, I find them to be fantastic. Ys: Origin is my favorite. Also, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. I also recommend The Last Remnant.

From what I've just looked up they look really good. Dark Souls has been on my list for a while but I've never gotten round to it.

You may have already played it but I liked the first DarkSiders, It reminded me of a "Badd ass Zelda game" with not very complicated dungeons (Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I wasn't expectiong a lot honestly) on Bundlestars it's on sale now for like 5 bucks.

Also...Magicka in case you haven't played it is like anything I've played before. Really fun to play alone of with someone. (up to 4 players on the same computer)  (Just in case you haven't played it... Trine 2) 

And finally I've played One Finger Death Punch for almost 4 hours in 2 weeks... Highly addictive (TBisc has a video about it)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl w/ Oblivion Lost mod

S.T.AL.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat w/ Call of Pripyat Reloaded mod