New Game Survey, Get Beta Access

Hey guys I know haven't been post much in the last few weeks but I'm here to ask of a favor lol. If you wouldn't mind filling out this for a good friend of mine, you will receive access to the Beta if you provide legitimate answers. It's just a quick survey to mainly help determine some of the lore's direction for the game. Thanks for your time guys, his project could use the attention. He's a legitimate programmer and not just making a survey to waste our time and you will receive beta access eventually.

Very interesting, does he have any games in progress?

i went ahead and did it



Yep, he's already done several games, you can talk to him in google+ if you join kind sir.

Shameless self bump, and thanks for the support guys, nice to have a community like this to turn to.

Did it, looking forward to a beta

Since everyone is being so nice and filling out the survey and helping i will be giving this forum the first look at the game soon. Pictures and videos will be posted next week. On February 18, 2013 we will be offering a closed Alpha of the game for ten people on these forums. Monday the resgistrations open for you all to apply! Hope to see your reviews!

Thank again,                          


I would like to give more help with this. please post screenshots orgameplay ASAP.

what will the specs required to play?

just curious, craycraft. what kind of beta does he have to offer? is it something that we've never heard of before?

I filled it up this morning. I'm excited to see what you guys do with it.

I can write up an article for the site if you give me Alpha/Beta access.

I'm filling this thing out and realized I think in buzzwords when describing video games.  Hopefully my information is helpful, not really interested in a beta for a game I've never heard of, more information is needed to assess the likelihood of my furthur involvement aside from filling out a survey.