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Hey guys, I've been tabletop gaming for a long time, but I'm starting to feel I need some variety. So I'm looking for suggestions. I could go watch all of TableTop, but I don't want fall into the "cause I saw it on TableTop" trap and never get out (ie: if I didn't see it there, I'm not buying it).

Currently Own:
- Settlers of Catan (all expansions)
- Dominion (Base, Intrigue, Prosperity, Dark Ages, Guilds, Alchemy)
- Shadows Over Camelot
- Risk (Original with Missions and Halo: Risk)
- Power Grid (and about 4 expansion boards)
- Alhambra (base)
- Peurto Rico
- Carcassonne (base)
- Lords of Waterdeep (Base, Undermountain/Skullport exp)

There are a few that I'm forgetting, but this should be enough to give you an idea of the types I'm looking for. Any suggestions would be great.

hehe, First! (to post in this category :p)

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I've never played it (I'm not huge into table top gaming other than Risk), but I've heard good things about K2. Might be worth looking into.

I've recently bought Tokaido and i'm liking it very much. Beside it, all the others ones that i like you already own (Catan, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne...).

have you ever played mice and mystics. That was a fun one. Super dungeon explore. Got a little 8bit rpg feel going on. Then I also played sentinels of the multivers or some name like that. Awesome super hero game.

I've not heard of any of those, ill look into them, thanks!

Thanks! I'll checker out!

I want to play Dominion so bad! Munchkin, Stratego, and DungeonQuest are some of my favorites.

I recently played Pandemic. I think it's interesting and original enough - all win or all lose. I haven't played enough to find any sort of strategy, so I don't know how challenging it would be for the long run.

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Abyss is really good. Great for screwing over your friends. A game is about an hour long.

Also King of Tokyo and New York are good fun too but shorter games. About a half hour.

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