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New Forum Feature: Ignore {How to}


@Goalkeeper has asked for a thread on it since this feature was mainly overviewed by @wendell in the lounge. Seeing as a lot of the forum also is not involved with the lounge this thread is for them.

So you have come across a user you just cannot stand dealing with. Perhaps you should consider other means of resolving the argument. However, If you find yourself in a situation where your emotions go full yellowstone then perhaps you should consider this new feature.

This is the ignore feature is a nifty feature available to users. I must assure you no moderator or admin is using it to ignore any user. They have a job to do and this would be counterproductive. Im not sure if it could be abused but I know for a fact it is not. Now that we have alleviated fears without further adue. Now do you use it:

The most fool proof method is to enter your settings in the top right hand corner:
by clicking on the gear and proceeding to the notifications section > users

Its time to aboose the forum test dummy as this user drives me up the wall. Its important to note that this feature has a time limit and is intended to resolve disputes between users not permanently ignore a user. You should highly consider why you would want to do this to a person. People skills are rather important even as nerds and tech geeks.

So when you actually click the username an ignore time pops up. This timer allows a varied amount of times from later today (to just cool off) or up to four months if you simply need a break as seen below.

Dont forget to save your changes! Please like to indicate you have read and understood how to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Please consider using this forum feature and in the time while you and another user are ignoring each other contemplate what caused this. When you ignore a user; you won’t see their topics or replies anymore.

Now there is a cautionary statement to be had here. If a lot of users ignore a particular user, mods/admins can see that and will have something to investigate further:

If, in the lounge or anywhere else for that matter, the same person or group is flagging the same person, or group, a lot instead of taking a more mature path and ignoring the user for a while then there maybe admin action

So all and all if someone just outright bothers you – ignore them. This is what we do in real life and the internet is no exception All good. No need for the “omg someone is wrong on the internet” I must crush them with my group or clique. Stop it. There is zero need for this.

Also please consider how you might revise your forum habits to avoid having any users do this in the future with you or the other way around. Consider reading the community guidelines seen below if you feel that you and potentially that other user maybe in violation. If you feel a user is there is always the flag feature but please use it sparingly and wisely as most posts are not always against the rules even if they are against your opinion.

And as always: Please enjoy your stay here on the forum :slight_smile:

– Heimdallr Out

@Goalkeeper Please close this thread. Ill make wiki if it needs edits.


Ignore Feature Will Not Fix The Issue
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