New Five Finger Death Punch album is pretty solid!

I got it off Amazon MP3 yesterday for $8 I think. So far I am really liking it. Especialy the track Burn Mother Fucker. A few guest vocalists this time around. Max Cavalera from Soul Fly and Jeremy Jasta from Hatebreed and a couple of others I think. This is a pretty solid fourth album from these guys, I have liked all their stuff so far. Nice and heavy, good, gravelly screams and theme I can get down with: anger.

Sweet my mom rocks five finger death troll..Is it heavier than their last album..

Got it too :)

I bought it today, not that it's my favorite band, but because I'm curious about how they evolve and because they have a guitarist named Zoltan. Haven't listened to it yet though, have another two hours of telephone conversations to do today before I can listen to it. As a side note: more bands should provide the option of buying their stuff online in FLAC format though, especially heavy distortion guitar music is compressed enough as it is, music just sounds better in FLAC than in MP3.

I am tempted to google it but I am thinking this sort of music would melt my ears off, I am more of an easy listening kind of person :P

Didn't even know they had released a new album.  I'll have to check it out.  I wasn't too impressed with American Capitalist.

My favorites so far are Lift Me Up, Burn MF, Momma Said Knock You Out, You, and Dot Your Eyes. FLAC is great, Zoltan, but my meager earbuds and PC speakers aren't awesome enough to really be able to tell the difference between 128bps MP3 and FLAC. :-(

Yeah so I still didn't have the opportunity to listen to it, but nobody will be able to stop me from listening to it tonight, I will personally cast hell fire on those that try to hold me from it! Starting AirDroid right now to upload it to my phone!


Haha, well they're completing their transition in a very interesting direction. There are even parts where they almost sound prog now. They are definitely evolving towards a mature sound, they just haven't decided yet what kind of music they want to make.

It's better than capitalist, their sound is better as a band, but the guitar sounds are not as good as on war, which still has the best guitar sound, even though the guitar playing is much better now than back in 2009.

Some songs I really liked. It all has to sink in some more, some songs make quite a first impression, like Diary of a Dead Man, but after hearing them several times, that starts to fade, and other songs start to show long term qualities, where they didn't make such a great first impression. Generally though, some songs indicate that they want to go in the prog direction, other songs indicate that they want to go in the black direction, they clearly are searching for their place in metal, they've outgrown the teenage metal phase, which was already clear in 2009 when they recorded the song Bad Company, but they still don't know where they want to take it, and that's a good thing, well it doesn't make capitalist or wrong side better albums, but it means that they are evolving towards their own sound and that the creative brew is boiling.

Voice technique, guitar playing (zoltan bathory can REALLY play), sound architecture (drums triggered and doubled with electronic drum sounds, I have no clue how the hell they get the timing of such a thing right, but it works GREAT), the vital timing, every base is covered, they have the skills, they just have to focus as they evolve, now it's a bit of everything and they're still lacking a creative focus.

Very interesting band, and I'm glad I bought the album, I know that I will get to appreciate it more with repeated audition, and I'm really looking forward to where they are going creatively.