New Fallout game!

The website, , is showing a count down and says "Please Stand By". This has to be Fallout 4, but could be a different titled Fallout game. Anybody excited? I AM!


well check this out then.

since most poeple are unable to see the stream at all

:EDIT: It has happened!! check it out here

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This is awesome!!! I even shared it to my twitter account. Thanks for mentioning this

no problem, the hype is real

TOO real. Fallout 3 was amazing to me when it came out, I can't imagine how this new one will be like.

Is this real? I want to believe. Be still my lunchbox.


It is definitely real!!! Fawkes also showed their Twitch page is live.

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@Travis_Collins This is so exciting. I need to calm down.

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Wonder if it will have a hardcore mode like New Vegas.


indeed very real so excited :D
can't wait.
and once more because people including me seem to be struggling watching the live stream.
this is what the live stream looks like


certainly hope a real survival system.

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Its ok, I can't calm myself either!!

Thats weird, I was able to see it. Very odd

That would be awesome, I think it will.

twitch seems to be handling it better now.

That's good, probably had a heavy traffic.

I wonder how big the paid mod market will be on top of the DLC.

Assumptions, Zibob! I would rather assume that Bethsoft is feeling burned as all get out over paid mods right now.

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Yeah true. I wonder how bug ridden it is and how many other companies they have to get to finish it for them.

There more factual.

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