New f150 suggestions on mods? And also maybe a mobile network

So I just got a new 2016 f150xlt. It's a 2.7L ecoboost. I want to do some performance mods to make it even more fuel efficient and try perhaps increase overall life and power. Also I'm thinking of setting up a lab in it. Maybe have a Nas set up in the back so whenever I start it up it automatically will back up my laptop, tablet, phone etc. I don't know much about vehicles but I think this could be a fun way to learn. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome

i just googled the car, that is an excessive amount of vehicle lol

What you explained you want to do is a whole bunch of unnecessary fuckery. NAS, Laptop in a truck? Why?????.

Sounds like you have your priorities all wrong.

I don't understand why someone would get that truck to make to fuel efficient.

Body work and lightening the vehicle are the only things that will really make it more fuel efficient while improving the fuel efficiency.

You can definitely run the engine leaner than the manufacturer intended but that adds new stresses on the engine and exhaust systems or you could run different exhaust systems and intakes to get a slight boost to hp and fuel efficiency but that will come at the long term expense of the engine and transmission.

as for things you can do to that Truck, there is a lot of things you can do but why do it while you will void the warranty???

what do you mean "that truck" it's one of the most fuel efficient and has a ridicules low emissions rating. Also where I am at you have to deal with the family businesses of farming and cattle so I needed a truck.

im not sure how you view priorities. But being able to set up a mobile network is not only interesting and unique but a hobby. What kind of priorities should I be having?

It is lol but it's actually small compared to most of the trucks where I'm from

I should have worded that better, sorry. I meant trucks are not fuel efficient by nature, not that one in particular. I do know that the fords are quite good for mpg. I was just confused why you were so concerned about efficiency and got a truck.
Makes sense now.
In truth though, the best thing to do for efficiency would be to make the damn thing lighter. I don't know where you can take the weight from, maybe search some other forms as well.
That being said, in searches around, you may find that some parts from the factory are lesser quality then they could be. For example: my Mon owns a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. There was a part near the exhaust, don't remember the name, that when she replaced, she got 2 mpg higher.
As for the network and what not, it's a cool idea. I don't know what your warranty is like, but you might be able to get one of those tool boxes that go in the bed and throw it all in there to avoid warranty issues.
I saw a hard drive bay made using elastic bands to reduce vibrations. Might be a thing to look into depending on how rough the roads are around you.

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So you bought a new car , which most likely means you didn't pay for the entire vehicle but have it on lease or loan from the dealer or a bank.

Which means making mods to the banks or dealers truck is a dumb idea. Wait until you actually own the truck. till then you're just renting their car that they can take away at any time.

and i wasn't kidding btw they can just simply take the car away , it's in the fine print of your lease. There's also a section in your lease that allows them access to the vehicle at any time regardless of where it is. That's why repo men are allowed to legally take it away even if it's parked on your property. :)

I own it out right...sort of. Under the terms since I didn't use a bank the title is held by institution (x) however the title is in my name. If I fail to make payments the institution has to acquire permission from the government to take the vehicle back. It really depends on where you get it from. Since I am military we have our own institutions which are owned by us where we get different policy's then civilians. Like we can get charged with not paying a bill and lose rank.

Also I can legally shoot anyone who is on my property so generally when something gets repo'd where I'm from cops normally are their with a warrant

ok then your institution would then be the owner of the vehicle or the cosigner. And you would be listed as the caretaker or responsible party for the payments. so essentially yes its the same thing as a bank giving a loan , or the dealer using a lease.

I guess that is kind of the easiest way to explain it. Except the institutions we use technically make us all coowners of the institution. So it's like I am the caretaker and the owner in a weird way. But on a plus side no one has the right to access the vehicle unless it is under warrant or in a state of emergency deemed appropriate by the government. That would also include illicit acts

and again , if you signed their deal before buying the pickup allowing them acess to it , which every dealer makes you sign , then actually no they do not need any warrant to repo the vehicle. The repo man receives his order through your institution to reclaim the vehicle , if he has that order he is to reclaim it. they only ask for police assistance sometimes , but never need any warrant

Whats worse , if he has to repo it without any help from you , they charge you for getting a replacement key made as well.

Honestly , don't put any money into it till it's been paid off and you're the sole owner. (to try and get back on topic lol)

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Nope again under all the policies they do not have a right to the vehicle unless bills are not paid. Then my chain of command would be contacted and I would be charged. Then my pay would be docked until the debt is then paid. Don't try to argue back on this one. It's not a civilian bank and no they do not have rights to the vehicle unless I miss payments.

i agree? not sure what you're arguing lol

But on another note I am going to put money into it. Why wouldn't I. I'm not going to do anything I can't do myself and I'm not going to drop that much on it. Plus I need a spray on bed liner and other things. I get what your saying to an extent and I hope nothing bad has happened to you in the past but I worked really hard to get this thing and I plan on playing around with it