New EVGA x58 Motherboard


here the specs

CPU Socket:

* Socket LGA1366 for Intel Bloomfield processor

* Support QPI(Quick Path Interlink) up to 6.4GT/s, base on 20bit-width up to 25.6GB/s


* X58+ICH10R Chipset (Tylersburg) with NVIDIA nF200 X16

System Memory:

* Six 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMM sockets

* Support 1.5v DDR3-1066/1333 DIMMs with triple channel architecture

* Support x16 and x8 DIMMs, non-ECC, DIMMs

* Support up to 24GB system memory

Expansion Slots:

* One PCI connectors compliant with PCI v2.3

* One PCI-Express (x1) connectors compliant with PCI Express 1.0a

* Four PCI Express (x16) connector compliant with PCI Express 2.0

* First PCI-E x16 bandwidth x16 fixed, signal from X58

* Second PCI-E x16 bandwidth x16 fixed, signal from nF200 X16 channel A.

* Third PCI-Ex16 PCI-E x16 bandwidth x16 or x8, signal from nF200 X16 channel B

* Fourth PCI-Ex16 PCI-E x16 bandwidth x8, signal from nF200 X16 channel B


Twelve USB connectors compliant with USB2.0 from embedded USB controller (8 connectors at rear panel)


One IDE ports (up to 2 IDE devices) with UDMA-33, ATA-66/100/133 support from JMB363 controller


* Six S-ATA II ports with up to 300MB/s from chipset with RAID 0,1,0+1,5

IEEE 1394:

* Two IEEE 1394 port from TI TSB43AB22A (1 at rear)

More S-ATA:

* Four S-ATA II from JMB363 and JMB362 controllers (1 at rear panel from JMB362)


* TWO Gigabit Ethernet from Realtek RTL8111C Gigabit Controller


* Selectable 2, 6 or 8-CH audio from Realtek ALC889 (Colay ALC888S,ALC888) HDA compliant CODEC

* Support rear panel SPDIF, Coaxial output

* Support Front panel audio for Mic-In and stereo Line-out only

* (Front panel Line-out electrically shared with rear panel Line-out).

* Support Jack detection for fool-proof audio device installation


* Onboard Fintek 71883 LPC bus I/O controller

* Legacy peripheral interface for PS/2 keyboard

* Support hardware Monitoring for fan speed monitoring, CPU and System temperature.

* Intelligent fan speed control for CPU-fan (PWM) for quiet operation


* 8Mb Flash SPI EEPROM with Award Plug & Play BIOS

* Support ACPI S3 (Suspend To RAM) mode in ACPI compliant O/S

Special Features:

* Support KBPO (Keyboard Power ON) function

* Support USB resume in S3

* Support Wake-On-LAN by PME

* Onboard 80 Post-Port LED display

* Onboard Button for convenient power-on, Reset, Reset CMOS

* Support Asynchronous clocking mode

* Dual ATX12V 8pin power Connectors for CPU

* PCI-E Slots Disable Jumpers

* V_Core, V_DIMM, VTT, IOH, CPU PLL, QPI PLL, ICH IO, ICH Ground measure points

* EVGA Control Panel via Extension Cable

Form Factor:

* 300mm x 265 mm x 40mm, ATX Size, 8 Layers PCB

Supported O/S:

* Windows XP/Vista


* User’s manual

* User Quick Guide

* Three way SLI bridge cards x 2

* Two way FPC SLI Bridge card

* IDE cable , 6 S-ATA data cable;

* 2 USB+1 1394 bracket Cable

* EVGA Control Panel & Cables

* CD for drivers, utilities and bundle software

* IO shield

all is from

a PCIEx16 with no other slots to the right. Thats a first GJ evga

Heavenly testicles....

Holy mother of the lord!

WOW! thats sexy

would go nice with these




For some reason, I don't think mounting a TRUE or Xigmatek S1283 will be possible on that. :[

by the way that's the dominator gt triple channel ddr3 ram which is at 2000mhz and each stick is 2 GB's and the case is the gmc r-4 bulldozer

it has a way better color scheme this time around, but are they trying to hint something with the black and red though? :o


snarlingchicken wrote 1 minute ago »


uh oh, spaghettios?

i think you can use 4X crossfire in ati correct? thats why it has 4 slots becuase you cannot do that with nvidia

lol if evga jumps on the ati bandwagon as well(for gpus), i'm gonna fuckin lol my socks off.

KOkun wrote 2 minutes ago »

lol if evga jumps on the ati bandwagon as well, i'm gonna fuckin lol my socks off.

Nvidia would be soooooo pissed off...

lol, yea they would. evga is their best brand seller, in america at least.

Nvidia would go freaking apeshit. They'd make their own subcompany to sell only their products.

I would love to know why ati and nvidia do not make there own cards?

they make the chip, others manufacture it :P

I came

The EVGA X58 Classified is the greatest Gaming i7 mobo that is wahy I am using it for my i7 965 Extreme build wish it was out now


I have a feeling a lot of companies will be going on board with ati because they are cheaper to manufacture. xfx went on board and i'd say they're probably the second best nvidia card manufacturer. so others may catch on too. I personally don't care I've always liked evga's motherboard and I really like xfx's ati cards. and the dominator gt would be great also knowing it's black and blood red. would look nice with the r-4 bulldozer or the haf 932