New error 15 when booting Gigabyte motherboard

Error 15! So Ive always had 16GB (4x4) of Corasir Vengance Memory but recently upgraded to a Corsair H100i CPU cooler. All of a sudden I get Error 15 when trying to boot. I figured out that removing the seccond channel of memory will allow me to boot and get rid of the error. I know 8GB of memory is plenty but I want my machine to run on 16GB like it has in the past. Any troubleshooting ideas? Could it be that i damaged it when putting it back into the the motherboard? I'm pretty sure its not that because I was quite careful when reinstalling it. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Alex

Prolly a driver prob, but read here


Not sure if i read that wrong but that looks like a totally diffrent error 15 then i was talking about. Mine has to bo wit the motherboard LEDs, not google chrome.

so it worked fine before you changed your cpu cooler?. maybe a bios reset will help. try to install 2 memory sticks in the second channel, slot 2/4  take out the first chanel 1/3 and look if it also boots then, just to make sure, all ram slots still alive. also try that with all 4 of the sticks, to make sure all 4 sticks are still alive. if it is all alive then you know for sure its  a bios related problem.

ok ill give that a shot later on when i have time.

Error 15: Pre-Memory Northbridge Initialization (check it up in your manual)

I havent seen a fix for it its likely the mobo was damaged and needs to be rma'ed.

But first try reseting the cmos (pull the battery from the mobo for 2-3mins then put it back in) and try with one stick of ram in differnt slots.(all so try with a differnt stick in differnt slots to just to make shure one of your sticks hasent died)

Or take the mobo out of the case and wire it up and see if it boots outside the box(place it on some cardboard) if it boots outside the pc case something is shorting out the mobo in the case.