New Deep ASRock Rack Mini ITX (BTO)

I’m not experienced in Server software apps or ASPEED 2500 uses.

I just love ASRock Rack perpendicular DIMM designs for 1U builds I use.

Especially confused by BTO as I can’t find foot notes, even though the red dotted specs are marked.

Can someone knowledgable explain what BTO is for me.

Hopefully it has something to do with bypassing features I won’t need or use.

Plan on using a 5700G APU and low latency M.2 for rapid load time of audio sample buffers.


Guessing it stands for Built to Order (aka custom population on parts, but prob min volume and harder to get )

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Makes sense now, thanks.
ProVantage here I come.

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Built to order in mid December according to ASRock rep.
I’m going with the X570 mATX for 1U builds.

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