New DayZ Private Hive (TeamTaco) - invitation to play!

Hey guys! Just opened up a private hive and looking for new players to join! Constantly updating the map with new bases and extra buildings!

East Side Cherno - ( [250+ Vehicles] [Always Day] [M9SD, Map] [Auto-refuel] [Extra Buildings/Custom Bases] [Custom Loadouts] PVP Encouraged - TeamTaco | DayZ.ST


New Private Hive with active admins: kfcwhiz2, Jon2fine, BEAST, Omaly05

  • Everyone welcome! Bambies, bandits, PVP players
  • Starting loadout: M9SD w/ 4 mags, map
  • 250 + vehicles
  • Custom bases being added throughout the map
  • Extra buildings being added continously,including more barracks (ie. NWAF)
  • Server restarts every 8 hours; backups every 30 minutes
  • Gotcha & TSW anti-hack
  • 50 slots

ALSO! 50% more tacos than any other DayZ server....