New cpu?

i am thinkin about getting a new cpu and mobo proubly around christmas

my cpu now is a

AMD Phenom(tm) 9500 Quad-Core Process

and my mobo is a


id proubly get a core i5 and a mobo and then 4gb of DDR3 ram

That's nice but why post if you know what you want?

hes probably asking if its worth it, or if there is a better deal.

Well, in that case, My advice is to wait it out until mid 2010.

That way you will be caught up on technology for the next 5 or so year with the
release of DirectX11 and all coming out.

Not only that but all the i7 will be cheaper and so will the next gen GPU's.

well the i9s are coming out then, if you want to be retarded and buy something you just dont even need. also, if you were going to wait that long, might as well get a thuban. They're going to be as good as i7's and probably cheaper knowing amd. also the mobos are extremely cheap since it fits in am2. But, If he gets a p55 cpu now, he can upgrade to the i7 8xx later, so i believe he is doing the right thing.

why did it double post. GAAAH

Or, he could save up ti'l that long and have a plethera
of cash and buy a completely new build.

how about this. x58 board now.

was there supposed to be a link in there somewhere?

nah just buy a p6t.