New cpu!

I'll be upgrading my CPU. I've been looking at either getting an i5 3570k, or an i7 3770k. I do lots of gaming, as well as some light video rendering and editing. I'm wondering how much of a performance increase the i7 would offer over the i5, and if it's worth the extra 100$. 

Thanks in advance.

I'd say generally it isn't unless that difference makes little difference to your wallet, but by the fact your even asking, I'd assume it does.

I'd stick to the 3570K, I have both and the i7 doesn't have the edge in gaming and there is a marginal difference in rendering. The 3570K is the better buy, put the extra $100 somewhere else.

If you can find an i7 onsale buy it, if not go with the i5 2500k or 3570k.

I bought an i7 2700k this week for $284

upgrade your gfx card with that 100 dollars or some better RAM. Difference is too little to notice