New Cpu cooler for a10 5800k

Just looking for a good low profile type cooler,  not anything like the hyper 212 evo,any suggestions?

And not to noisey

It would depend on how much you are willing to spend. For 35 you could get a cooler master geminii. I don't know how quiet it is but it is definitely low profile. If you want great cooling and a quiet system check out the noctua nh-l9a for amd or the noctua nh-l9i for intel. They retail for about 45 dollars on amazon. From what I hear they are whisper quiet; pun intended.

I agree with berserker. Go to the newegg website and check out the noctua. Logan used it in his colugo mini itx editing/gaming rig and he said that it is damn quiet. I used it for an htpc and I can't even hear the pc.

Checked out the noctua and came arcoss it supprts tdp upto 65w,need 1 capalbe of 100w tdp.

Thermalright AXP-200R or AXP-200 MUSCLE