New Cpu and Mobo

I am going to be installing a new CPU and Mobo (intel based) into my previous AMD CPU and mobo rig. Will this require me to do a reinstall of windows? or can i just install the hardware and turn on? 

My build with my new CPU and Mobo (

You could just run it, but I would do a fresh install.  Anytime you change out major components, like the CPU or the MB, there might be driver conflicts.

ok so it will start up but i deff will do a fresh install either way.

windows wont  boot up afther you go from amd to an intel build, eaven if you go a diffrent mobo on the same platform, you will still get an bsod, or windows just wont boot up and keep restarting. you deffanetly need a reinstall of windows.

grtz Angel ☺

I will start up just fine, but there might be a conflict between the software and the hardware. Your drivers are going to be optimized for an AMD machine, while you'll now be using Intel hardware.  The drivers might conflict, like using two different virus protection programs.  I would back up everything after you boot into Windows the first time, after checking that everything is working, and then do a fresh install.  But that's just what I would do.

Ok thanks guys! I already backed everything up so ill be ready for the reinstall