New controller to replace the old one


Out of nostalgic reasons I started playing pro street and soon found out that my Xbox360 controllers left analog stick is going bananas, Even when steering the car will randomly turn about randomly left and right. If I center the stick and just go, there is no such issue. So I am looking for a new controller preferably one with separate dpad buttons for ease of use. In the price range of up to 100. Recommendations?

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i've the wired xeox 360 style gamepad and i'm very happy with it

An Xbox one controller is great for the money. I use one with a cable for windows and it's one of the best for the price.

As per my recent using. Steam Controller. It will take about a week to get used to it but after that I would always prefer one very a standard controller. It does not not leave a normal controller feeling weird either so you can use them just as well after you get used to the steam controller.

It is fun, but you kind of are a beta tester. I love it.

Steam controller destroys traditional controllers. Recommend it for everything other than fighting games.

I kinda, not a fan of the placement for the steam controller, It is fine, but I am a wide variety gamer. And use my controller for casual arcade racers for lazy days, and them something hecktic, like a fighting game and I could benefit from having the buttons in the right place. :D

Speedlink however just feels cheap. :D Or be it looks.

Wireless would be nice trough. Thinking in terms of basic wireless xbox one controller + charging dock.

Using my mad skills with keyboard to drive in pro street, much YOLO. Too lazy to use my wheel, even trough I sit in a racing cockpit. :D

The NVIDIA SHIELD Controller ?

Depends on the game. I had a horrible experience with it on CS:GO. No amount of tweaking got it working good. I do love it for CIV 5 and few RTS games.

I really like the Xbox one controller, it became my favourite of all time after about a day of using it. There is a wireless adapter for it but i think it only works with win 10. If you don't have win 10 and are fine with using the cable i would still recommend it.
Also i cant really recommend the steam controller, i think the face button placement is a real deal breaker. although that might be because i sometimes press the face buttons in a really strange way with my right index finger resting on the top.

It is simply wonderful in racing games.

I'm partial to the Razer iterations of Xbox controllers. I've owned both an Onza and a Sabertooth and both were fantastic. I've heard good things about the Wildcat, but never tried it myself. The main thing for me is the adjustable tension on the joysticks makes a variety of games easier to manage, especially racing games.

CS:GO is not something you should play with a controller. That being said, there are videos of people doing fine with it in DM, which is more than any traditional controller is capable of.

I use a dualsock 4, and like it a lot. You need third party software to get it going (input mapper) but once set up the trackpad can be used as a mouse so gaming from the couch is much more enjoyable. You can also map extra keys to the trackpad swype functions.

I also have a steam controller and its OK, but the trackpad placement doesn't work for my hands

Aight, Thanks for your help guys...Going for Xbox one wireless with a dock to trow it on, right in my budget range...
Razer blah, I have owned razer mouse for 3 years and it does work, but the software is far worse than any nightmare imaginable lol. So I simply wont support them...It's like apple only of the gaming peripherals, only the software is shit.

Eh... It kept going all over the place and just making me go if in some random direction... I tried out my xbox one controller and had more success. But, that's not saying much for a controller.

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I'm 99% sure you did something wrong.

I just opened CS:GO with steam controller for the first time ever and except for having to adjust sensitivity, it was playable immediately.