New Computer

Hi everybody,

I'm going to buy a new computer in early 2013, around January or so, and I'd like to know you guys' opions on what I have chosen or if you have a build recomendation.

I personally won't be using it to game crazily like play newer games, but maybe in the future I'll switch and upgrade the GPU but I digress. What I hope to be able to do is render videos and play old school games like Super Nintendo or to cut to the chase, emulate games. I hope to be able to record these games and upload them to a channel onto youtube. 

It needs to have HDMI output(s). I hope to dual monitor it. 

It perferably needs a dedicated GPU.

It needs 8Gigs of RAM

The processor cannot be lower than a Quad Core AMD or 3.40 GhZ Intel. Also, the Intel cannot be anything but a 3rd gen I5 or I7

It needs at least 6 USB ports combined. USB 3 or 2, doesn't matter

Memory must be 500 Gigs minimum. 7200 RPM perfered over 5400

Must be Windows 7 or a Hackintosh. No windows 8 or Linux please. This isn't descrimination, it's just that I've had no experience with either of them and I don't want to go into it knowing nothing.

I hope to be able to do this all in under 700 USD so if you would please give any opions or judge the computer I've chosen which is here:

Thanks for ready and have a nice day!

it's always more rewarding to build a pc yourself, not to mention the money you save and better parts you gain. Plus learning all this stuff can be very fun. For $700 you could easily get a very capable rig with windows 7. Do you already have 2 monitors to use or are those part of your budget?  

Any particular reason you want HDMI over DVI?

As for the build you linked it's not too great. I know you said you don't want a high end GPU, but a 3000 series card? Really? Abyway, an i5-3570k would be a good choice of processor. 

They are not part of the budget, I'm going to add them seperatly from a different budget.

After looking more at it I realized DVI was fine of HDMI, because I'm also getting some seperate speakers.