New computer to the family

While we were cleaning up at work i was the lucky winner of a MSI - wind_some low power atom system computer, and who am i to argue there, i mean it cost a total of free.
now the question is what am i going to use it for?
im looking for input here, i allready have
-Network server, with all that incooperates, and if it is missing it can be setup.
-Console killer connected to my tv, for netflix, game streaming, etc, actual just gaming.
-NAS running ZFS with 6TB storage
-Work computer.
-Gaming computer.

Im thinking something as simple as a emulation’ish station with just a ubuntu mate running some old school emulators.
But im open to input.

Maybe a system running a few security cameras?

Make it a “testing” rig. As in just a spare PC to mess around with. Try some linux distros, maybe some Arch or Gentoo (who am I to judge). It’s really nice to have a machine just to try stuff and if eveything breaks, no worries no productive stuff on there anyways.

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