New computer for the gf

Trying to figure out the best rig for my gf right now because she wants to join me in PC gaming. I was hoping you guys could fine tune it, mainly in the mobo/CPU area. I feel like i would be paying for something i dont need in the apu. Doesn't need to be overclockable but if it is I wouldnt mind having a go at it. To save some money could I get a 430W Rosewill instead?

The case is the only thing she specifically wants, so that stays lol. Also I think windows would be best instead of linux because its much simpler for her so gotta pay for that. I think the biggest thing she would notice (other than graphics) is the speed of an SSD compared to a HDD.

Thanks everybody

are you trying to stay at around that exact price? and are you going to be fine with 120gb of storage (i have less than 1/3 of my library installed and have around that much in my steam folder, just for reference)

i'll see if i can find an i3 and a decent board, just wondering how much if any you can streach your budget

I have hard drives for storage already along with opticals so no problem there. But ya willing to stretch

Maybe look at AMD FX-6350 for CPU? Much more capable than A8 and you're not going to be using the APU graphics with a 7870. 

same price (pretty much):

i was going to suggest an i5, but the jump from decent i3 to cheap i5 to good i5+good board was fairly drastic, +70 for a cheap i5 or +130 for good i5+good board

I originally was looking at an amd phenom x4 965 black. What stopped me from looking at cpus like the phenom and the FX is the prodigy only fits mini-itx and i couldnt find a mini-itx board for either cpu. If you know of one that im missing that would be awesome.

Saw that Bitfenix is releasing a micro-atx prodigy case which I might just wait for...

I think I'm going to wait for the new prodigy case so I can put this into it. It will also give me a chance to see if any of the other parts get cheaper. If she wants it now though, definitely going with overlords i3 option. Thanks once again