New Computer Build

I am looking to build a new computer for around $1,500 USD. I can go up to $2,500 if I must, but I prefer to keep the cost down and upgrade later if I need to. I do not need peripherals.

This machine will be used for lite gamming, Mabinogi (dose that even count?), Blender, I build 3D characters and would like to start animating them, and Pro Tools via a MBox Pro so I need a firewire connection.

I would like to get into overclocking and I may add watercooling in the future.

I also need a new OS.

I currently have an Obsidian 800D case and one Kingston HyperX 120 Gig SSD I got for 60% off from a shop that was going out of buisness.

To you all I wish nothing but the best.

Is something like this what you're looking for? - AMD Build $1788.88 - Intel Build $2014.40

You can always add another video card later on as they are both capable of being duel linked via crossfire or SLI.

Here you don't need to upgrade for years,have a nice day.

Thanks for your replys, but I'm going in circles again!

The Blender Guru site says "When you aren’t rendering on your GPU, you’ll be falling back on your CPU. So having a strong CPU can save you in rendertimes for complex scenes.

You’ll want a CPU with the most multiple cores as this will allow blender to render more tiles simultaneously. My current CPU has 8 cores, which means blender will render 8 tiles simultaneously. This really pays off in render times."

So the AMD 8 core seams to be the better choice? Or is an Intel i7 better, and I am just missing something?

To you all I wish nothing but the very best,

Thanks again  ( i dont know if you need a moniter so i left some roon)

the Fx 8350 will be as fast as the i7 in rendering the i7 will be faster than the amd in most everything else. by 15% this means 5-10 fps in games that relay on the cpu. but the i7 has quick sink wihitch is good for encoding.  if your not doing major work i would not reommend an 2011 build you would be much better off going with 2 760;s or 770's.'  (now for this build i have 2 4gb 760's. im asuming that you will be gaming on more than one monitor. if your not then look at two 2gb 760's or one 780) also if you need cuda then skip the 760's and jupm in for one 780

hell if you can go for 2 780's

ps it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up one more hyper x 120gb ssd and run both drives in raid 0. i know storage on 120gb ssd is tight and windows 7 pro will take about 60gb of space after all the updates. i had 2 60gb vertex 2's in raid 0 and ran out of space just from programs. I do CAD and have to use some large programs.

You want an nvidia gpu for blender as you likley already know. As for cpu a 4770k will be better then an amd 8 core in blender regardless of if it is rendering or not. If its worth the price difference or not is debatable.