New case for computer

so pay day is coming up, and im thinking about getting a new case for my computer

my curent case is the antec 300 illusion :


im kind of thinking i want a case with:

1. better cable managment, my current case the best i can do is make a ball with my cables

2. lots of room for the future i kinda want to get a 690 and an atx mobo

3. quite a few hdd cages i kinda want to experiment with raid but if i dont i still want some room for more drives (been toying with the idea of having 4 seperate drives for the OS, games, media, and documents, the OS and games drive would be SSDs and the other two would be HDDs i already have a 1.5 tb to use for media and ill probly get a cheap 250 gb or so drive for documents) 

4. fans lots of fans, possibly a bottom psu intake

5. a sleek looking case


the case that im currently looking at is the Azza hurrican:

i like that is has quite a few fans but with that comes some more dust but that hopefully that wont be so bad 

feel free to post your own opinions on a new case i dont wanna go over 200 the case will be on a dresser next to my desk, it will NOT go on the floor

  • Option #1:
  • Option #2:
  • Option #3: (Available in other colours)
  • Option #4: (Again, available in other colours)
  • Option #5:

I know there's more out there. Most top-end Lian-Li cases do fit your category. So look out for some or go with those options.

the thor and corsair cases r looking really tempting

guess the race leaders r the azza hurrican ( and the roswill thor (

the corsair vengeance is in a close third (


i like that the azza has quite a few fans and one that even blows on the back of the cpu and i also like the thor becuase of all the fans that i can fit and the thor's design is a little more sleek

gosh their r so many choices

I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the HAF X, it's a big case, very big, with lots and lots of features.

All intakes are filtered, that's no problem, and it supports lots of fans. At the moment I have 4x 120mm (H100), 1x 140mm, 1x 200mm and 1x 230mm and I still have room for more.

yah the HAF X does look good for my needs but its a little up their in price but ill think about it

so im starting to lean more towards the Rosewill thor now, if i can find some way to put it a side panel window id be dead set, im looking at it cuz it seems to be more upgradable fan wise since the azza has two of its fans within side panel which can be somewhat troublesome

gosh i think the case is probly one of the hardest choices on makign a computer becuase its wat everyone will see when they first see your computer, ugh im pulling my hair out over this azza hurrican, rosewill thor, azza solano, corsair  vengeance, gggggaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! i cant decided!!

It is quality you pay for, I have never ever regretted spending my money on this case.

yah, that is true u have to pay for quality maybe ill get it for a build later on down the road, im working on savng some of my money for some upgrading sprees im doing to my room setup

I can vouche for the Corsiar 400R, before I bought it I looked up he airflow it had compared to larger case and it is extremely competitive. It is quiet and has a lot of room for fans, but I always wanted the Vengeance C70 due to its looks.The Vengeance C70 has the same mounting holes as the 400r.

not really sure about the corsair c70 or 400r design

favorite budget cases, they may not look uber sleek but they get the job done with good cooling

didnt really have a budget on the cases but the red one does look good, i think the main thing was to keep the price under $175