New case fans. need some advice

okey so long story short I need new fans in my CM Storm Trooper, the fan controller might be broke not completely sure, but I have decided to replace all the stock fans and I need some advice on what fans to get. I am thinking of getting the NF-F12 and the NF-A14. I need 3 140mm fans and 2 120mm fans, I want good airflow and for them to be quiet. I also have a questio regarding high air pressure. will it be better to have high static air pressure in my case? if so should I go with the NF-F12 and the NF-A14?


I personally use scythe slip stream fans for in my case. With my fan controller they do 400-800rpm and i can hardly hear them, my hdd is louder. They are cheap so you can place a bunch of them in your case for the price of 2 noctua fans :P